Food to show you are fashionable


I have always thought that the term, “you are what you eat”, is perhaps a very valid point, especially when it comes to a person who loves food. Many times, I have eaten certain food because they were considered to be the “in” thing, and I have to say, a lot of it is actually pretty good to taste, and expanded my culinary understanding. When the question is raised – what are the foods to show you fashionable? then there are many things that come into my mind. I would try and attempt to talk about the idea of fashionable food, and how food evolves every day as time passes.

Food to show you are fashionable

1. Follow Food Trends-

First off, follow food trends by checking out what are the new and emerging trends in food around the globe. Generally, the trends begin in the largest food hubs in the globe. I tend to follow hubs like New York, London and Sydney, where food trends tend to start from. A few days ago, “Cronuts” by Dominique Ansel became the hottest trend in the food market. A cross between a croissant and a doughnut, at present these babies are one of the most fashionable foods to eat and show off.

2. Follow Cuisine Trends in Your City-

When you want to show off how aware you are of the food to show you fashionable, make sure you know your cuisines. Currently I have noticed a huge upsurge of sushi bars in my city, and I frequently visit these places to figure out the new additions to the menu. Sashimi seems to be a major obsession, and people don’t seem to mind eating raw fish in the name of Japan.

3. Build Your Own Palate –

There is nothing more attractive than an individual with a decided palate. I know what I like, and I know what I do not, and when asked, I do not mind sharing my opinions. My taste buds are not closed off to trying new things, and I like experimenting. But that does not mean I am closed off to food which is not fashionable. It simply means my palate is developed enough to accept new inclusions.

4. Appreciate Wine –

A very big part of tasting and fashionable dining is wine. A good bottle of wine can elevate a culinary experience to gigantic proportions, and a bad bottle can make it a major letdown. Learning the art of tasting wine is a great way of becoming more aware of the flavours and the tastes of food. Sign up for a good wine appreciation course and understand which wine goes with what, and how to discern between different flavours and types of wine. There is something very interesting about a man or a woman who appreciates and can smartly talk about wine.

5. Ingredients are Interesting –

Just like fashionable food, ingredients that go in to make it are also interesting. At times, there are certain ingredients that become all the rage. Like “couscous” is currently a very interesting and fashionable ingredient that is all the rage in most Middle-Eastern and fusion restaurants. There are new ingredients being brought into the limelight, and make it a habit to pick up a new ingredient every time you hit the gourmet section of the supermarket. I generally do that to expand my knowledge about food, ingredients, and I cook with them, and see the number of ways I can incorporate them in my meals.

6. Know the Background –

Fashionable food mostly has a fascinating history. I generally love reading up on interesting dishes which I find tasty and unusual. For example, a few months ago, Macaroons were a major trend in bakeries across the globe. This almond meal biscuit-like dessert has a very nice history behind it, and while eating one, knowing the history behind it and telling makes for a fascinating meal. So here are the ways to choose the food to show you fashionable and smart about cuisines and delicacies across the globe. A bit of research, background check, and exploring through the taste buds will help open up the palate. I love eating trendy, and checking out new restaurants and cuisines which I have not tried before often. It is a great way of being fashion forward in food.


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