Fashion Trends for 2014


Fashion, the dictionary describes to be the prevailing style or custom, especially in terms of clothes, accessories, footwear etc. or behaviour. However, the fashion trends we are going to be talking are definitely about the wardrobes. Trends – the general direction in which one tends to move and in this case, the clothes, shoes, accessories all seem to be moving in a particular manner. These two put together, are called fashion trends. For the year 2014, there are chances that a lot of old trends will be followed. Right from the fashion trends of the 1980’s to the fashion trends which came in just, 2014 seems to be a year of repeats.

Fashion Trends of 2014

The first trend which came into being last year was choosing the colour purple over black. While the little black dress had been in vogue once upon a time, the actresses showed just last year how the different shades of purple could be worn. The trend seems to continue during this years’ spring-summer season.

Sporty dresses too have become a hit with this year’s fashion trends. Perhaps the sweltering heat is to be blamed, but the usual jeans and jersey look has gone for a toss. This made the pathway for the sporty dresses to come into being. Cute and cool, they help you breathe easy while looking both elegant and pleasant.

During parties, the clutches which everyone was seen sporting last year, would still be favoured. Matching, glittering clutches with the sexy dresses is a fashion trend which is not going to go out of fashion for a long time now. Clutches are really pretty things and quite pleasing to the eye. It is of no wonder; it’s made it to the 2014 top fashion trends.

The colour white has always been a great favourite during the hot summer months. That is one fashion trend which is going to be followed till time immemorial, for sure. White soothes the eye and is of course a colour which doesn’t absorb the heat. The love for using the colour white definitely proves that fashion meets science in a lot of ways.

High heels have officially been discarded. Low heels or stylized flats are what are in this season. No one wants to stagger around like a new born calf, and though our pretty ladies have all mastered the art of walking around in high heels, it is much more comfortable to roam around in flats.

Another fashion trend which has been doing the rounds is of course the fabulous neck pieces women have been showing off. That love for junk jewellery is back with a bang and doesn’t seem to be fizzling out any time soon. Therefore, if you really want to follow the trends this season, make sure you own a couple of broad neck pieces.

The waist belts which have been around for quite some time now are another fashion trend which is still being followed. Along with those jumbo bags made of jute. Colourful really is the theme of Spring-Summer, and might just be for the rest of the year. So make sure your wardrobe does have a lot of colourful and pretty things.

Pastel shades along with the colour white, are the favoured colours this year. In fact, they are the must-haves during the season of Spring-Summer. Any colour that soothes your eye is a welcome thing during the hot, hot days of summer. The idea is to wear clothes which allow you to move about freely and which doesn’t make the unbearable heat even worse for you. While the rest of the year can be spent in being colourful, the summer season is meant for calm and peaceful colours.

Following fashion trends is a part of life for a lot of youngsters out there. For this year, we can only say that wear flats, wear a lot of peaceful colours during the hot summer days and switch over to colourful clothing as the year goes on. During the summer you can always team your cute dresses with those large hats. It would look both cute and protect your head from the harmful rays of the sun.

2014 is a year when the trends of yesteryears are still in vogue. Because the hipsters, the puffy shouldered jackets are making a comeback in the fashion world. Nevertheless, we still suggest that one follow only those fashion trends which would look amazing on them.


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