Fashion tips that every woman should be aware of


When someone walks past you, the first thing you notice is what they are wearing. If someone is wearing cowboy hat, yellow pants and flowery shirt, then you will stare at them and think if there are crazy. If someone is wearing cute black dress with matching shoes and accessories, then you will stare at them and say “wow” they have nice sense of fashion. You cannot look like models every day of your life but, there are few tips that can actually help you to prevent yourself from looking like a bum or joker. After all it is you who is responsible for your personal care and fashion. It is up to you to decide what you will be wearing and how you will be carrying it so, to help you with this mission I have come up with a list of few fashion tips that every woman should be aware of these tips. So, if you are a woman scroll down the page and start reading whereas if you are a man urge your wife or girlfriend to read it.

Fashion Tips for Women

Have an aura of mystery

Many women make the mistake of thinking that if they show more skin they will look sexy. But, this is where they are wrong. By showing excess of skin you might be able to train many eyes on you, but some of them will be looking at you in disgust. To present yourself as a sexy lady, you should maintain an aura of mysteriousness. You should leave something for people to imagine. It is advised to show off only one part of your body. If you are showing off your legs then don’t show too much of cleavage and if you are showing off a bit of cleavage, then cover up your legs. For example, if you are wearing a t-shirt that shows off your cleavage, then wear a full length pant rather than miniskirts.

Buy clothes that fit you

This is the most common advice anyone can give you Some women tend to buy small sized clothes thinking that they will fit in it once they start dieting. If the clothes don’t fit you at the present, then don’t buy it because you might actually tear the clothes in hope of fitting in it If in near future, you do lose weight, then you can have a tailor to make changes to the clothes.

Wear the pant with correct length

Many women make the mistake of wearing a pant that is too long even when you wear high heeled shoes. If your pant is pooling on the floor, then it will make you a fashion disaster. You should buy pants that will end at 1/2 inch from floor after you wear high-heeled shoes.

Matching skin tone shoes are the best option

If you are confused about what coloured shoes to wear, then go for the shoes that match your skin tone. It can’t go wrong. And the plus point of this tip is that it will make your legs look longer.

Choose the right makeup

Some women have a bad habit of going crazy over makeup and wearing anything they can get their hands on. This will make them look like a ghost rather than making them beautiful. So, take your time to choose right foundation and makeup that matches with your clothes. It might be a good idea to wear less makeup so that your natural beauty is not hindered. And it might not be a good idea to wear dark red lipstick with every piece of clothing.

Be careful when combining clothes with different colour and pattern

If you know how to combine two pieces of clothes that are of different colour and pattern, then you can look glamorous. However, if it goes wrong you will look funny. So, when you are about to combine such clothes then you can combine clothes with same colour with different pattern or clothes with same colour with different sized pattern.

Do not wear too many accessories

If you wear too many accessories then you will look like an accessory shop rather than a fashion icon. If you know you can go crazy over accessories, then it is advised that before going out, take off the last accessory that you had put on.

A pair of earrings can look nice with an evening dress

If you have a sexy evening dress and you know you look good, then do not put on too much accessories. Just complete your look with a pair of nice earrings. You will undoubtedly, look stunning and elegant.

Have three kinds of jackets in your wardrobe

You should have three kinds of jackets in your wardrobe – a formal jacket, a jeans jacket and a leather jacket.

Contrast coloured accessories can make you look fashionable

The idea of wearing matching colours from top to bottom is getting old. If you can pull contrast coloured accessories, then you will look fashionable. For example, you can match a red belt with black dress.

Have fake diamond jewelries

Not everyone can afford diamonds. So, if you can’t afford real diamonds, then just buy fake ones. Diamonds look good with almost any color and type of dresses. On top of that, no one will know whether it is a fake jewellery or a real one.

Clean your closet every six months

Many women will never even notice when there closet has started to overflow. So, make a habit of cleaning your closet every six months. Sometimes, you might find clothes that you have never worn. You might also find clothes that you won’t need any more. You can give away the clothes that you don’t need in donation.

Many women make the mistake of going overboard with the colour, pattern and style of clothes. They tend to also go overboard when it comes to accessories. It is best to make yourself look simple yet elegant and sexy. You call follow these tips to look good and make a fashion statement.


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