Face towards heels!


With the increasing modernization and the advancement and that the people are getting more obsessed about their dressing sense, everyone makes sure that only dresses and the makeup are taken in to consideration but the shoes and heels in the case of the females are kept in consideration. The top to bottom dressing is being seen and said that it should be perfect. From the dresses to the jewelry to the footwear are being seen and said that they go better with each other.

tumblr_mh2ukq9G1h1rs0kjio1_500For girls, heels are the best thing that they can think of. With every new dress, a pair of new shoes is to be bought or has to be there. There are different kinds of the heels and the shoes that the girls prefer to have in their wardrobe. They are not just the simple ‘heel’ heels but there are stilettos, wedges, peep toes, pumps, and much more. And that everyone desires of at least one of each kind.

And with the kinds of the heels, there comes the variety of the colors as well as the prints that the heels do have or do give the choice of having one. There are block colored heels, the printed heels, the animal print which is the most in thing as of now, the glittered heels, the floral wedges, the neon colored high stilettos, the basic colors of black and white in all the patterns, the stripped heels and the list goes on and on and on.

tumblr_mjjxqyX5Nn1qd36rxo1_500The girls go crazy over the choice of the heels that are being portrayed in the showrooms and that it becomes difficult for them to choose any one or two out of all the varieties. The different heels calls the girl towards them and then unfortunately she has to choose only the best or the most suitable at that point of time. Though many of them do stay with her in her mind after she leaves, and then there are other girls who come in and they buy them.

The aura of the foot store is totally different from that a point of view of the girl and that from a point of view of the boy. The feelings to the different shoes and the heels are attached in case of the girls when visiting the store. One for the party night, one for the gala time, one for the pool party, the other for the wedding, the blue for the date and the black for the birthday and the attachment and the connection goes on.

Make sure that the next time when you are going for the footwear shopping, every heel and the every pair of shoes that are being displayed calls for your attention but unfortunately you need to stick to the budget that you have come in. It equally doesn’t mean to move away being dissatisfied and therefore, save those extra bucks and buy one more of pair of heels and make up your day with that lovely dress over it.


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