Face clean kiya kya??


When the television advertisement of various face washes comes into the picture, we do question ourselves if that would work for our face as well or not? Will that be as effective as it is shown in the advertisement for our faces as well? Or is it just because the stars use it, it is good and the brand name is good enough for the sales. Using various faces washes and some that does not suit your skin might in fact affect the skin and spoil the looks. Rather make sure that one of all is suitable for your skin and that you stick to one for longer period of time.


Our faces is something that is the first thing that gets exposed to any kind of difference in the weather, climate, pollution, moisture, rain, dust, wind or be it anything and you say it. The faces get affected very easily. Even when one is driving, they are prone to various dust particles and pollution is settling over their faces with the period of time and if it is not cleanse properly, one might be affected with various spots, the pores of the skin might be clogged and the skin tone could get darker as well.

Cleaning your face at regular intervals is very crucial for ones’ well-being.  Ensure that you wash your face while you wake up, when you are moving out of the house, when you return from somewhere, reaching your workplace or the office or college, coming back home from the work or outside, at night before going to sleep and many more times as and when you can. This ensures the cleaning of the impurities from your face and along with that it also cools down your eyes.

Use only one particular product for cleaning your face and ensure that you keep that one with you whenever and wherever you go. This allows that one particular product to be on the face and attacking on the germs and doing its job for a longer period of time which allows the action to be taken place and that the face gets cleaner and clearer as soon as possible. In case of the changing of the products, one might cleaning the face whereas one might clearing the dead skin and therefore, the main task of the product changes, the action is not being taken out properly and thus none does work better.


All you need to make sure is to have the face wash along with you all the time and have a habit of washing your face as much as you can. Even in case it is not possible to wash your face with water and the cleanser, just keep a handful of wet tissues such that you can take off the dirt and be fresh enough to get back to your work. Making sure that the dust doesn’t settle over your face is all that you have to take care of and surely you will be rid of all the effects and the irritations.


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