Eyes that talk


Eyes are the most beautiful and attractive part of our face. They define beauty, emotions and love. Eyes are also often considered to be the windows to the soul, and they’re often the first thing people notice about one another. Remember all the ghazals, songs and poetry that define the beauty of the eyes, the secrets they withhold and the whole charismatic aura as well as mystique associated with the eyes of a woman and are often described as the alluring tools for men. In Greek mythology, Medussa was even cursed, for having a lot of illegitimate suitors, of turning all those people to stone who dared look into her eyes. Such is the mystique of eyes.


Wearing makeup can make the eyes stand out and enhance their natural beauty, whether you prefer a sexy natural look or you want your eyes to look smoky and alluring. No matter what type of look you choose, make sure you take good care of your eyes so they look bright and beautiful. Having bigger and attractive eyes is a very easy procedure. To achieve this look you don’t have to use fake eyelashes or circle lenses.

  1. Gently rub an ice-cube around your eyes for 1 minute, especially under your eyes. Rubbing ice cubes soothes your puffy and tired eyes, makes your eyes look fresh and brighter. It also helps in reducing the appearance of dark circles and makes your makeup last longer.
  2. Clean your eyes using a cotton ball dipped in rose water. It helps remove dirt, extra make up from your eyes and gives a good glow to the area under your eyes.
  3. Now, while applying your eye shadow, start with selecting dark coloured eye shadow like deep brown, maroon, burgundy or any darker shades that you like.
  • Just start applying from your eyelids up to your crease and then extending to the outer part of your crease.
  • Now apply one shade darker colour to the outer V to get that glamorous and attractive look. Blend both the eye shadow colours for a natural look. It opens up your eyes and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  1. Use a black pencil or black eye shadow on the upper eyelid for a more natural look. You can line it with the help of a Q-tip or eye shadow brush. Extend the line a little further to make your eyes appear bigger.
  2. To line the lower lash you can use a gel black eye shadow or alternatively a black kajal. To start out dip a brush into a gel eye shadow, apply only half way from the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure that the line is close to the lash line, otherwise it would look like cat eyes.
  3. Finally, the next step is to apply mascara. To make your eyes look bigger, hold the mascara brush wand vertically and then slowly sweep it back and forth on your upper lash. To add much length and volume, apply 2 to 3 strokes of mascara. Now end up your eye make up by applying mascara to your lower lashes.

Your large, fine, beautiful talkative eyes are ready now to withhold anyone they look at. Work the wonders with that beautiful smile of yours.


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