Eye Makeup for office goers


Wearing makeup in an office environment can be tricky. Too much and you’re inviting a lot of unwanted attention. Too subtle and it’s easy to be forgotten. It’s a fine balancing act, to be sure, but one that can be attained by keeping in mind three key words: soft, simple, and clean. Below are five steps to a good office eye makeup look.

eye makeup

In order to let your peepers do the talking without serving as a distraction to colleagues and supervisors, you will need these products: a Kohl pencil, eye shadow, and mascara. This is, of course, following your usual routine of moisturizer, foundation, concealer, blush and lip gloss. Now it’s time for the eyes.

Using the pencil, start at the outer corner of your eyes, following your natural lash line. Next, while looking downward and holding your eye shadow brush at a downward angle, use your eye shadow brush to scoop the Kohl line up from the line you just made, intentionally smudging the line upward. This will give your eyes a smokey look. Then do the same thing on the lower lid. If we wear glasses, you will want to apply these lines a little thicker than if you don’t.

Next, apply your mascara. You can use this fiber mascara from YOUNIQUE MAKE-UP. When you pull the applicator brush from the tube, always get rid of the excess mascara before you use the brush on your eyelashes. Now, gently sweep the mascara brush downward onto the eyelashes. Next, apply the mascara onto the underneath part of your upper eyelashes by zigzagging the brush against your eyelashes, which gets your lashes between the bristles of your brush. Then, gently draw the brush upward against the lashes to smooth the mascara onto the lashes.

Next for your eye shadow, the best colors to use for the office are corals, peaches and platinurns. Using your finger or an eye shadow brush, dab them into the eye shadow, remove the excess on your hand, then dab the eye shadow onto your eyelid. Do not get your eye shadow onto your eyebrow.

If you feel like you want to curl your eyelashes it should be done at this point. There are two basic ways of doing this First, with the popular eyelash curler or a spoon. An eyelash curler is largely self-explanatory. Open the vise of the eyelash curlier, insert your eyelashes by bringing the curler to your eyelashes, the squeeze the vise closed, then open. This causes the eyelashes to curl, despite often making a crease in your eyelashes. If you want to use the spoon approach, use something larger than a teaspoon, such as a tablespoon. You will not be using the bowl portion of the spoon, but instead use the bent part of the handle that touches the bowl. Lay this portion of the spoon at the base of your eyelashes, gently pressing them upward against the spoon.


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