Get your eye brows tailor made for you!


Perfect eyebrows are the just what every lady needs in order to have an amazing look and perfect make up. Whether you decide to have them pencil thin or dark all that really matters is whether your eyebrows are well shaped and that the shape fits your facial structure. Sometimes we look at other people’s eye brows and we think they look really great but the mistake most of us do is rush to have our eyebrows done like theirs. What we forget is that for the eyebrow shape to look good then it has to suit your face structure.

According to experts, poorly shaped eyebrows make you look worried, angry or even surprised. While on the other hand perfectly shaped eyebrows can make you look like a super star and the best part is you can stay without wearing makeup and still look good!

I am now going to share a few tips on how to get the perfect eyebrow arch for your face.

1.      Are you a Long face?

Having a long face is wonderful and what you need to is to balance it. To perfectly achieve the balance you need to shape your eyebrows in a thick straight line and totally avoid arched brows.

2.      Are you a Round face?

If your face is round shaped then the best thing for you is a higher arch. It will work perfectly for you unlike thick straight brows which will make your face appear wider. An arch makes your face appear elongated and have your cheekbones emerge higher while your jaw line appears more elongated.


3.      Are you a square face?

Having a square face means you have strong jaws. Having your eye brows done in a soft curve instead of a high arch makes your face appear slim. So if this is you with a square face then keep the eye brows arched in a medium sized, make sure they are not too flat or too arched.

4.      Are you oval shaped?

With an oval shaped face what you need is eye brows shaped shorter since it brings out a look and makes your face appear to have cheeks that are fuller.

5.      Are you heart shaped?

This is a great face shape to have. You can have any eyebrow shape and still look wow except for a straight line. If your face is heart shaped, then always keep your eye brows arched.

6.      Go Natural

If you are not very sure about the right shape for your eye brows then you can just have them full and natural. Having fuller eye brows is flattering and does not change with time. You can never go wrong with full eye brows.

Finally in order to get the perfect eye brow shape, you can see a professional who specializes in eye brow designing. That way you can at least be sure that your eye brows are in safe hands.


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