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While beauty products are in abundance nowadays, the best way to get information about these products are from people who actually use them like me. I’m a metropolis type of a person and a little bit picky when it comes to my use of beauty products. I only use what suits me as I go through the day working in my office. So without further ado, here are my beauty products that I’d like to share with you.

beauty products

Parachute Coconut Oil

First up is my most important beauty product which is the coconut hair oil. There are two kinds of coconut hair oil that I use and there both made from the same manufacturer, Parachute. The two types of Parachute coconut hair oil that I use are the Ayurvedic and the Natural oil. It has taken me approximately 4 months to consume a bottle of each oil. So that makes it 2 bottles in 4 months. The reasons why I prefer this product is because it gives a lot of shine and bounce to my hair. I regard this product as the secret behind the looks of my long healthy hair.

Revlon Color Foundation

Another all time favorite of mine is the Revlon Color Stay foundation which I have just finished. The one that had previously bought was the 340 early tan which I like because it matches my brown skin tone. I’ve been using it for quite some time and I have no complaints about it.


When it comes to mascara, I keep changing my brands every 3 months. Right now I just finished consuming the Colossal Volume Express made by Maybelline. It’s actually become one of my favorites. However, Maybelline has come up with a lot of new mascara so I will be reviewing their new lines and will be sharing them with you in the future. As for the one that I just finished consuming, I may not throw the bottle away right now because I love the design of the eyelid brush so I have decided to keep it and use it for my future beauty tips.

There is another product line from Maybelline that I also love using and this is the Baby Lips. It seems that the Maybelline Baby Lips is a growing fad among young women these days and I understand why. The one that I am using now is the Maybelline Bloom. It’s actually a lip moisturizer and for me lip balms are just not enough which is why I tend to finish my Maybelline Baby Lips quickly. So I usually keep an extra stick around in case I need an immediate replacement.

Tea Tree Skin Cleanser

For my body and face skin care, I prefer the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. I like them so much that I would not mind buying them again and again. To me they are the best face wash for my acne prone skin. I’ve tried several face wash soaps but none of them are as effective as Tea Tree Skin Cleanser. In fact I have already consumed two bottles of this product and my skin has never been smoother than before.

Baby and Face Wipes

In addition to products that I have previously mentioned, I also recommend using baby wipes to remove heavy makeup and lipsticks. You can actually select any brand for this but I prefer the regular Johnson and Johnson baby wipes to remove my lipstick and the Bella Aloe Vera Wet Wipes for wiping off the foundation from my skin.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

I pay a lot of attention to my eyelashes since they say that the eyes can be as expressive as the tone of our voice. So part of my eye care regiment is the application of my eyelashes. To do this I use the Duo Eyelash Adhesive. I’ve been using it for some time now and it does not irritate my eyes and the color is clear making it blend well to my skin.


When it comes to locally made herbal products, I’ve tried Biotique brands for my facial scrub and I find it quite effective. I have even used it for my body cleansing wash. I also use Biotique Face Cleansing Honey Gel. The only drawback to their products is the smell of it. For me the scent of the product is rather too strong but others may tolerate this. Other than that it is a good product. Biotique is manufactured in India and is available worldwide just to let you know.

So these are my beauty product tips and review which I hope may be useful to you. And like I said earlier, the best source of information on beauty products are from people who actually use them.


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