Tips and Tricks for an Effective Eye Care Regime to Ensure Good Vision!


Proper vision is associated with good eye sight. And most of us take our eye sight from granted until and unless something occurs that makes us take notice of the situation and we start caring about our eyes. Considering the fact that eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body it is extremely essential that we take proper care of it. Eating green leafy vegetables is one of the most common steps that help to ensure proper eyesight but there are other remedies as well.

eyesLike everything else associate with our body, good eye sight is also associated with a proper and healthy diet. We have often heard our mothers saying that carrot is good for our eyes and hence we never see a rabbit wearing spectacles (okay let’s keep the pun aside). But carrots are indeed great for one’s eye, because of the carotene content. In fact bilberries are also great. But ultimately it boils down to a healthy diet that is the first building block for great eye sight.

One also needs to keep a tab on their bowel movements as well as the conditions of their eyes as issues in this area might affect the eyes in the long run.  Doctors also recommend that one should minimize the intake of alcohol and smoke so that the damage can be restricted.

If you are one of those individuals who suffer from dirty or gritty eyes on a daily basis then you need to clean your eyes regularly. Wash your eyes with cold water at regular intervals. Or you can also use an old trick. Apply some warm milk over the eyes and rub gently.

One of the major reasons why most of us suffer from poor eye sight is because we sit in front of our computers for a stretch of about 9 hours in our workplace. So make it a habit to take a break after every 30 minutes and during your lunch break don’t do anything on your computer. Give rest to your eyes completely.

Exercise is very good for general well being. As we spend most of the time in front of our computers it is extremely essential that we follow some exercise regime for a healthy body, mind as well as eyesight. A good round of exercise helps to eliminate toxins and increase the blood flow which in turn leads to the overall well being of your body.

In addition to an exercise and healthy diet regime, drink plenty of water. This is essential as most of our workplaces have air conditioning and when we step out the heat and pollution plays another significant role. So it is extremely essential that you keep yourself hydrated at point of the time.

And finally opt for a good sunglass that offer good UV rating so that they offer protection to your eyes when you step out. It is not essential that you have to buy an expensive pair of glares. Instead visit those sites that offer safety glasses and you will be surprised to find out the variety and range that they offer.

Take proper care of your eyes as the loss of it can render us practically helpless. After all it is your eye only so why not take care of it from now onwards only?


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