Different Kinds of Skirts


Aren’t you bored of wearing same kind of jeans day in and day out? Haven’t you thought of opting for some different option so that you can gift yourself a new you? Well, there are a variety of skirts which you can wear regularly just like your jeans or trousers! They have the ability to make you look dressy or can even dress you down.  Many girls don’t opt for skirts for the fact that they are fat or haven’t shaved their legs. Have a glance at this variety of skirts which has a solution for every kind of a body type.


  1. A-Line Skirt

As the name goes, this kind of a skirt has a shape of that of the alphabet “A”. It is well-fitted at the waist & broadens as towards the bottom. They can be casual or dressy. However, such skirts aren’t seen in a formal setting. For the ones who have heavy bottom, this skirt compliments their body type. However, this kind of skirt must be avoided if you have flat bottoms. They would make you look flatter.

  1. Broomstick Skirt

These kinds of skirts have horizontal seams. They have 3-5 layers in their skirt. They are girly. You can wear them as casual or sometimes also as traditional. This is a good solution for the ones who have unshaved legs. They are a good option for the ones with a fat tummy.

  1. Bubble Skirt

They are cute and sometimes chic. They have elastic at the waist and are scrunched by the hem. This makes the skirt a bubble skirt. They are mostly above the knees. They can change your look depending on the material.  & bubble skirts usually have elastic. They are a good option for non-curvy figures.

  1. Circular Skirt

As the name says, this skirt is in the form of a circle. Their fabric is laid on the ground, flat. The fabric is cut in the shape of a circle then again a smaller circle is cut in the middle as the waist.  They are wavy & dressy. Also, if you twirl, you can see the circle. If you raise the two ends of the circle by your side you can see a perfect semicircle. They are casual & semi dressy.


  1. Dirndl Skirt

Their concept is similar to that off a bubble skirt. They are tight at the waist line & widens towards the bottom. However, they are not scrunched at the hem. They are above, at or below the knees. Teaming them up with a hat is a good option. For short girls, such a skirt is a good option.

  1. Fishtail Skirt

They are also called as mermaid skirts. Once worn, you would indeed look like a mermaid. It is tight & body-fitted till the knees and then flares out at the heels. They are either full length or till the knees.  The full length skirts look dressy & pretty. They wouldn’t be a flattering option for the ones with flat bottoms.

  1. Flared Skirt

Their concept is similar to that of A- line skirts. However, they flare out towards the bottom. They can be dressy, semi-dressy, or formal.

  1. Gored Skirt

They have vertical seams. They need to be ironed well so that the seams stay still. The look of this skirt is on the seams.

  1. Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are short. Their length wouldn’t exceed the thighs. They are either after the crotch or a little above the knees. They can be dressy or casual. You cannot wear such skirts in a formal setting. They are good for tall girls. Their legs and look in proportion.


  1. Peasant Skirt

Peasant skirts are similar to broomstick skirts without the wrinkled look. They have several horizontal layers. The layers can be made with the same fabric or they can have different fabrics for each layer. These are casual or semi-casual.

  1. Pencil Skirt

They are knee length & are well fitted the knees. They keep the legs together. Because of this fact, there can be a difficulty in walking. They are usually worn in a formal setting.

  1. Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts have vertical pleats running up and down the skirt all the way around. When there is movement, the skirt appears to open up. These either reach to the knee or above the knee, and they require ironing. Pleated skirts are casual or semi-dressy.

  1. Sarong Skirt

These skirts give you a dressy evening look or rather a Goa-beach look. They are made up of large sheets of fabric that are designed to wrap around the waist and tie at the side of the hip.

  1. Straight Skirt

They are straight skirts! Their width is the same throughout. Hence, they remain tight by the waist & hips & towards the knees, it is loose. They give you a good casual look or also a good formal look depending on the material used.

  1. Tube Skirt

They are the most appealing kind of skirts. They are similar to pencil – skirts. However, they are made up of different material which is stretchy. They give a good look to your well-toned figure. They look good if long. This looks good on a curvy body.

So, hereby we see that any kind of skirt can be replaced for jeans. You can team your skirt with either a shirt, sweat shirt, flats.


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