Different Kinds of Shoes


Mankind has always improved and got better. The needs of mankind have increased and has reached a level wherein they need only comfort and satisfaction. Initially, the purpose of shoes was to protect our feet from stones or such pebbles on the road that would hurt us. From covering our feet  with cloth then sack then cotton and such various things we have reached to  a stage where there are indeed  is a confusion for us as to which show must be chosen by us so that they look good on us, so that they give us a different look and so that we are complimented.  Shoes! Shoes now are the the new clothes. Just like different kinds of clothes, you need different kinds of shoes. You need shoes depending on each colour; style and pattern of your outfit here are some different kind of shoes or footwear that every girl would want to own.


Two strap Chappals

They are the simplest kind of footwear that one would own. They are the cheapest of all. They are ones regular option to wear to wear either down the building or for some regular hangout. They are the most outgoing kinds of footwear.


Regular flats

Something that you would like wearing for your college when you are in no high of wearing heels. Sometimes you have the urge to not wearing inches and just wander on the roads in your flats. For that, this is an option. You can just get into your sandals and wander day in and day out. It gives a casual look. Sometimes, your dress does change the appearance of your footwear.


The Wedges

They are the most convenient option for the ones who want to wear heels but can’t because they aren’t comfortable with pencil heels. It’s a good option for the ones who don’t like flats and want to wear heels but would be scared that their posture is getting ruined.


The Classic Stilettos    

When you don’t know what to wear on your feet, stilettos come to the rescue. They look good on your dresses. They look good on your jeans. Thy give you an entirely different high. Thy give you a party look. Having one pair of nude pumps or black ones are the most essential part. They go with any kind of your dress.


The Kitten Heel      

They have the smallest heel.  It looks good on people who like it. Its opted by the people with already good height.


The Cool Print

Tops are printed, jeans are printed, skirts are printed so why not your footwear? Footwear with quirky designs is now available in the market. They give a good twist to your regular look.


The Bedazzling Ones

An important kind of shoes for the Indian girls who would want to have a different set of shoes for traditional functions like weddings.

Accordingly we saw how increase in invention has lead to innovation, creativity and also increase in our needs and wants.


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