Different Kinds of Earrings


It is the most essential part of a girl’s accessory. Wearing earrings changes the way your face it. It changes your appearance entirely. It adds a glow to your face. Nowadays, one can even team traditional earrings with western outfit which looks amazingly beautiful, required chosen a right choice.

Earrings are ever green jewellery for women. There is no particular age for the same.  But of course, you should be wise enough to choose your earrings as per your age. You would wear fork motifs or stud earring but since you grow older, you obviously don’t wear such earrings once you grow older… You wear pearls and

But of course for the college students, there is a complete advantage for them so that they can experiment with their look by wearing different kinds of earrings.


  1. Filigree Earrings

Such kinds of earrings are available in the colour of gold and silver. They are fancy and attractive. The ones with a long neck must wear such kinds of earrings; they would look great on them.  They would be a good option to wear on a maxi dress or also long skirts. Also, teaming them up with deep tops and denims would look splendid.


  • Cuff or lobe Earrings

These kinds of earrings are also known as edge cutting.  Wearing them with simple clothes, it looks good. Wearing them with traditional clothes is a good option too. It is popular amongst the youngsters. It looks smart even worn in just one ear. It can be mix-matched and made too look trendy too.


  • The Hoops

They are like rings on your ears. They come in different sizes. They have always remained in the market and never got off-fashion these kinds of earrings are evergreen too. They never can let you down in any kind of outfit. It never goes wrong and rather uplifts your image.


  • Feather Earrings

These earrings are surely one of a kind. They surely are one of a kind. They look amazing if worn right and worn with right outfit. It’s a big no-no if you wear it with a saree.


  • Stud Earrings

They are like the classy and the most sophisticated of the lot. For the ones who dislike big and jazzy then stud earrings are a good option for them.  You can add a good attractive taste to your regular look by wearing stud earrings,


  1. Chandelier Earrings

They are long earrings. They go with any kind of clothes depending on its design and colour. It’s a great hit amongst the youth. They go with ethnic wear and also look good on party dresses. They bring a different class altogether and give you a different high too. It is really essential to pair these earrings up with an appropriate outfit.

This way, earring come in different shapes, sizes and patterns to enhance your look further and give your fashion a top notch. They look elegant, pretty and also bold.


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