Different Kinds Of Bindis


Bindi is an integral part of the traditional culture of Indian women. It initially would be just a tiny do between the eyebrows. It comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Bindu”. Initially, they were only red in colour and mainly round in shape. However, now, they are available in all kinds of shapes patterns and sizes. Bindi is considered as the strength and the energy of the wearer. Bindi symbolizes different things for different people.

Nowadays, for young women, bindis are worn as a fashion statement… Bindi has the ability to change your face from bold to elegant to docile. Bindi has become like a face decoration. For some, its deep meaning is lost and for some it is more than accessory.



  1. The Traditional Red Bindi:

The first thing, as the name suggests, it is red or even maroon in colour. It is the most common type of bindi and literally suits on every kind and colour of traditional outfit of women.  They are mainly in use of married women. Married women daily use such bindis.




  1. Bengali Bindi:

It is big red bindi worn by a Bengali women. Her look is incomplete without this big red bindi. It can be marron in colour too. They are also common.





  1. The Long Line:

This bindi is worn in the centre and also on the forehead. Unlike the previous binidis, it doesn’t have a specific shape. It is a kind of a line on your forehead starting from in-between the eyebrows. It looks good on women with broad forehead. The long line can be created either by a few bindis or only one bindi in the shape of a line or kajal or eyeliner.





  1. Little Black Circle

This kind of a bindi is usually worn by women in South India. It is the cutest of the lot.  It is black dot worn on the forehead. It can be made by either kajal or even eye liner.




  1. Sparkler:

It is a small dot which is a sparkling stone. You can even see this kind of a bindi form far because of its sparkling effect. This kind of a bindi looks good when worn with sarees made up of chiffon material or also sarees with heavy embroidery.




  1. Marathi Bindi:

Marathi Bindi is semi curved moon bindi. Its shape is upside down. It is popular amongst the Marathi women especially amongst the ones living in t the coastal area.



  1. Floral Bindi

As the name suggests this bindi is made up of patterns of flowers and leaves. It is either made up of stones or of colour.




  1. Stone Bindi:

The concept of this kind of bindi is similar to that of a sparkling bindi. This bindi is made up of various stones which are colourful. They are of course sticker bindis. It goes well with embroidered dresses.






  1. Layered Bindi:

Such kinds of bindis are made by using different kinds of bindis. They are stuck on one another. They can be even made at home. They look stylish if the bindi chosen and the colour co-ordinated are right.






  1. Modern Bindi:

This is a new bindi in its own way. It is designed by the contemeperorary method of styling. It is a combination of stone bindis as well as layer bindi. They are elongated designs.




  1. Star Shaped Bindi:

As the name goes, this bindi is in the shape of stars. It can be decorated with stone, symbols, glitters and can also be kept simple.




  1. Arrow Bindi:

This kind of a bindi became popular after the actresses on national television started sporting it. This kind of bindi is made up of arrow pointing downwards












This way we observe different kinds of bindis giving different look to everyone.


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