Dealing with stress.


In a lifestyle this rushed and hectic, mental health is an arena to be looked upon more carefully. With such a fast moving life, we all are just ‘go-go-go’ beings instead of well-rested ones. Almost every one of us today, deals with mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression and what not. This affects not only our daily lifestyle but also reflects on our physical well being. And we all know that if we are not fit physically, then there is no work we can do and will become more prone to diseases.

Dealing with such health conditions should be our priority. But how can you deal with it if you keep neglecting it? The first step in stress or mental health condition management is to accept it. Accept the fact that you are stressed out due to whatever reason it might be. You can be stressed due to work load or the duty you have towards your family and friends or the demands of your everyday lives.


We all have our own ways to deal with stress. For some it could be exercise, for some it could be dancing or music, for some it could be writing, for some it could be taking a walk etc. Everyone has their own way of tackling stress and it all works for them. However if you are not able to find any, below are a few things that can help you in getting started.

One of the best ways to distract yourself from stress is to just put your mind to some other work. If you start feeling stressed out, take a deep breath and get on your feet. Go outside and take a walk. Put some music or simply focus on your surroundings. You can also put some music on and let it relax you. You can also dance your way out of this. Dancing helps in calming you down, makes you feel good and distracts you from whatever is troubling your relaxed state.

Stress can also be caused if you tend to pile things up in your mind. If you are dealing with some problems at work or home or well of any kind, then talk to people. Talk to your friends or family members or someone who can listen attentively to you and help you out. Let your emotions out by talking about them. ‘Getting it all out’ is the key. This will not only ease up your mental load but you might also get some helpful advices from the person you are talking to.

Another way of dealing with stress is meditation. Meditating regularly can prove to be a great help. Just bring yourself to a quiet place, close your eyes and focus on your breathing pattern. Take a few deep breaths and then continue with your normal breathing pattern. If the thoughts start coming in, allow them to be and then slowly, let go of them. You will find yourself a lot more relaxed and calm afterwards.


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