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There isn’t even one person on this planet who doesn’t want to feel loved, or who doesn’t want to be taken care of sometimes. We may not always be in the mood for it, but as human beings, we definitely need it. Taking your partner out on a date is a great way of showing how much you care, and there a lots of things you can do on a date. Whether you want to go on a simple walk, or you want to mark a special occasion by taking your partner on an exciting helicopter ride, you can always make any date even more special for the two of you. Even first dates can be fun! But remember – it’s not always about what are you doing with your partner, but whether you both are enjoying it.

Keep reading if you need some fun ideas for your next date.

The pool

The best way to get really close to your partner is to take them swimming. It doesn’t even have to be a pool – you can take them to the nearest lake (if swimming is allowed). This will be fun for both of you, and you will also have opportunity to hug and kiss your partner ;). You can even go to a water park, and have a lot of fun there. This kind of a date might be a little inappropriate for a first date, but if you are already a couple it is totally fine.

Best Creative and Fun Date Ideas

A concert

This is a great idea for a first date, or for couples that share their taste in music. It can be even more special if your (or your partner’s) favorite band is in town. But if you’re planning to take someone to a concert on the first date, make sure you know them well. If your date doesn’t like the band, the date is going to be a disaster. So, either ask them if they like the band, or surprise them (but only if you know them well enough).

Kite flying

Although it seems as a weird idea, it is a great way to wake up your partner’s inner child. It may bring back some great memories, and it will be fun for the two of you. You may make the date even more fun by bringing some food, drinks and snacks for a picnic. And if you’re wondering where to do it – any beach or a park will do just fine. It is an amazing thing to do with the one you love!

Early mountain climbing

And yes, very early in the morning. This way you can watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain. All you need are some drinks and snacks. Imagine the fresh air, the sunrise, and not another soul near you two. It sounds extravagant, right? You will feel like you’re watching the world wake up. The downside of this idea is that you can only do this kind of activity on warmer days, but it’s really worth a try.

A boat ride

Have you ever wanted to have a romantic experience on a boat, with nothing but water surrounding you and your partner? Well, even if you haven’t, think about it, it’s wonderful. Unless one of you is scared of the water, you can enjoy a head-calming, but heart-warming experience that you’ll never forget. You can even plan a really nice (even classy) boat-themed date for your partner’s birthday. Both of you will feel really special. It really is a great date idea.

Best Creative and Fun Date Ideas

A helicopter ride

If both you and your partner aren’t afraid of heights, you can go on a helicopter ride. This is a great way to mark a special occasion, or to spend an exciting evening with your partner. However, renting a helicopter can be pretty expensive. But, if you have the money (and the stomach for it) doesn’t hesitate. Both of you will never forget the view – it is a really amazing experience.

So, in case you are looking for more great date ideas, why don’t you try to come up with your own one? You can even combine several ideas into one magnificent date! And you can try lots of different things, even horseback riding and wine tasting. Also, you can always add your own ‘twist’ to all of these ideas to make them even better. Remember, the most important thing on a date is to have a wonderful time with the person that you admire or love. Everything else is much less important when you two are spending quality time together.


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    Dating can be much more fun when you’re enjoying with your soul mate and had a nice time with him/her. When your relation develop into more, life is even better.

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