Earrings are something that complete your outfit. Of course, some people would argue that one can look good without earrings as well, but this is the exact reason I said that they complete you, not that you are dependent on them to look good. They complement your attire. Both earrings and hairstyles have a big impact on how you look because they help direct where someone’s eyes are immediately drawn. Of course, all my female readers (and some male readers too) must be aware that you can decorate your earlobes with studs, danglers, ear cuffs and what not. Women have worn them for thousands of years. They come in styles from cute to elegant to hard core. But the type of earrings you choose to wear could spell success or disaster. This article specifically talks about the dangly earrings as I find that they are quite popular with most of the ladies. So here are some rules to accessorize by:

  • Long face. If you have a long face and narrow features, long earrings will just make it look even longer. Instead, balance it out with some short, round earrings.
  • Round face. If you have a rounder face (about as wide as it is long), then round studs or hoops may just make you look pudgy. Choose long, dangly earrings to elongate your face.
  • Heart face. If you have a wide forehead and pointy chin, balance it out with long, teardrop shapes—a smaller, upside-down version of your face shape will fill in the empty space at your jaw line.


  • Earrings for up-do and pixie cut. Danglers are best for this type of haircut and hair style. They not only elongate your face but also draw eyes upwards and towards your face. And because dangles are so versatile, you can find the right pair for every event and style. Try hoops and teardrops to make an elegant statement.
  • Earrings for braids and ponytails. Tear drops and chandeliers look great with certain hairstyles such as soft ponytails, braids and slicked back down-do. Pretty much anything that won’t get caught up in the earring and for any hairstyle that elongates the face shape because they provide balance.
  • Earrings for buns. A sleek bun is elegant and sophisticated and so your earrings should be too. A great option with his hairstyle is delicate drop down earrings. This is a great look with every face shape. If you like to cover your forehead or frame your face with loose strands, this style of earring will still work perfectly but keep them on the smaller side.
  • Earrings for side braid. Side braid is in vogue these days as it keeps your hair in place, yet allows you to experiment with your looks. You’ll see a lot of different style of earrings worn with side-braids because it depends on the event and the look that you are going for. However, if you aren’t sure, you can never go wrong with side-braid and minimalist earrings such as diamond-encrusted hoops. However, if your side-braid is more ‘boho’ then opt for something with a bright coloured stone but keep it simple.

So ladies gear up and dangle all the way!!!!


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