Conditioning Hair


The way we take care of our bodies and skin, the hair needs equal attention and care. At times, it requires more than that as well. When the quality of hair is worsened, it becomes too difficult for one to get back the natural and better quality. There has to be a consistency in the care and attention that is being given to the hair and that it should be given the same throughout.

Experimenting various chemicals and methods and heating over hair also leads to the damage of the hair and that it may take longer to repair then what it did to damage it. And therefore, it is always recommended to resort to the home made remedies for any kind of changes in the hair rather than preferring the salon styles and the various chemicals that are being used to give you the temporary good looks and satisfaction.


Conditioning your hair simply means giving nourishment to the hair and the scalp that it requires for the better growth and quality of the hair. The natural products that reach to your scalp help in better nourishment and also that it proves to be better for the scalp as well as the growth of the hair. Therefore, whenever you think that the hair quality needs some nourishment, better resort to the home made remedies rather than working over the chemicals and wasting of money at the same time.

Oiling your hair with hot coconut or almond or even jojoba oil is also a kind of nourishment and conditioning that you can give to your hair. Every strand of the hair is having the oil and dabbed by it is all that you need to make sure. Keep it for a minimum of two hours and you can rinse them off with your regular shampoo. Oiling gives the best nourishment to our hair at any moment of time.

In case if you don’t oil your hair that often, after rinsing them off with Shampoo, apply the conditioner that is easily available in the market. Massage the conditioner in almost all the strands, starting from the ends of the hair and reaching upwards. Give rest to the massaged and conditioned head for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water and ensure that your hair is free from all the conditioner.

Conditioning the hair with the conditioner allows the hair to gain that little of nourishment which it hardly gets due to lack of oiling or proper care of the hair. Once they are washed, ensure that the knots are cleared from the hair and that they are in a proper position such that it gains proper shape and not into any of the ponytails or the buns. Avoid using the heat on your hair as it damages a lot of the roots of the hair and that it also stops the growth of the hair or may lead to the falling of hair. Your hair needs your love and care and it will love you back the same.


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