Colored Food


We never liked when our lives when they were black and white, it is more of dull and boring. Fortunately, in no time the colors were added in our lives, and we started getting more beautiful and full of lives. The dullness and the boringness were replaced by happiness and colors everywhere. With the advancement, even the technology took the use of the colors and everything around us equally became full of life. The most amazing that happened after the color came was the color television and that people are still happy because of the difference.

The colors coming into our lives have not only changed our lives but our bodies as well. The bodies also accepted the different colored fruits and vegetables, the dishes and the drinks and eventually got adapted to it as well. There happens the color therapy for the food as well as the body parts were in the various colors that are required in our bodies, they are gained by the food products.


Not only because we require various colored food, have we needed to have a habit of eating different varieties of food and drinks such that it balances our body systems. The components of the colored food are that they not only have the minerals, vitamins and required nutrients but also the color content which is good for the bodies for different organs in different ways.

Taking the colored foods, there is different significance of each color in our bodies. The red colored foods like cherries, tomatoes, cranberries, red bell pepper, beet and the similar are good for the body in case of maintaining or improving memory, increasing the heart and the circulatory health, support urinary tract health, and at types it also does decrease the risk of certain cancers. Thereby, make sure that you have at least 2 portions of red colored food throughout your day in your meals. It will not only make your stronger but will help you fight as well.

We have heard that green vegetables are good for your bodies since we were children and it is true as yet as well. It carries phytochemicals such as the lutein and indoles, so make sure that you evenly have the green vegetables in the meals throughout the day. The green vegetables are good for the improved eye health, rejuvenated musculature and bones, teeth and also lower the risk of some cancers. The green vegetables that should be included in our meals are broccoli, spinach, kiwi, green beans, green cabbage, the green peppers, cucumbers, green apples, green grapes and avocadoes as well.

The same therapy works with the other colors as well, such as the orange, yellow, purple, blue or white at times. The white food usually is fully packed with nutrients. Consumption of garlic, onions, cauliflower, ginger, turnips, and others help in increasing the immunity. It also lowers the risk of the heart diseases, decreased blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Add in as much of white food as much as you can and there you have a healthy and fit body.

Not only the mentioned colored foods are important, the dish should be filled with various colors and fruits and vegetables. Then and then only will you have a better and balanced diet.


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