Clutches in all forms, from purses, envelopes and handbags, have been fashion staples for decades. These small bags now come in a variety of styles and can be worn not only for formal evening wear but even for casual day outfits. A clutch bag contributes immensely in making or breaking your appearance, hence it is extremely important to carry the bag in an appropriate manner. You own a spectacular clutch bag, but you do not know the right way of carrying it? Worry not! Here are a few do’s and don’ts of carrying a clutch bag:


  • Strap it on. Many clutch purses come with detachable straps in leather or chain. If you don’t want to be too hands on with your clutch, simply sling it on your shoulder; if it’s a wristlet, strap in on your wrist.
  • Some clutch bags comprise of a small handle on the back side of the clutch. Slip your hand through that handle and place your fingers firmly on the front edge of the clutch bag. Make sure you do not hold the clutch bag too tightly, else it might ruin the shape of your clutch. Bring your hand near your waist and place your wrist lightly against it.
  • Get a grip. Clutches are meant to be held, hence the name (pun intended). The trick is to grasp it lightly but firmly in your hand. You can hold the clutch from the bottom or place your hand over the top and your arm by your side. Clutches can also be held with both hands in front of the body. It’s quite dainty, actually.
  • For oversized clutches, you can carry them in your hand to draw attention to your upper body or tuck it under your arm if you want to shift the focus on your lower body.
  • If you are using a clutch bag having straps, make sure you do not wear the bag in a criss-cross manner. The lines of the garment that you are wearing might get ruined and also, this style is only perfect for a casual look, not for a formal look.
  • Never carry a clutch bag under your arm. A bag thrust under the arm looks extremely untidy and can make you appear bulky too.
  • Don’t play match-up. Avoid overmatching your clutch with your entire outfit. If you’re wearing a pair of shoes or dress that has a bold pattern or intricate design, choose a clutch that’s more sleek or streamlined. A clutch is a great accessory, so it should also complement your outfit, be it a blouse, gown or dress.
  • One thing that not many people know is that while carrying a clutch bag, you must never fully extend your arms. By doing so, you will face trouble while walking as your hand will continuously bump with your leg. Not only this, if your arm is fully extended and you are holding a clutch in your hand, any passer-by can easily catch hold of your clutch bag and run away.

With these basic tips, you can carry your clutch with confidence and style!


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