Circling around the Square: Geometric Prints to Wear Now!!!


Time for a quick trivia fashionistas – What is the angle less than 90 degree called? Remember how to define a linear or straight angle? Worry not beauties. You are not in some geometry class where you played with compass box and stationery to get that perfect rectangle or pentagon. You are safely reading a style blog, albeit one inspired from your geometry class. Psst… Wear a geometric print dress next time when you meet your school teacher. She will be definitely impressed.

Geometric Prints to Wear

When it comes to shapes and silhouettes, these geometric prints will be the brownie points in your wardrobe. Whether you opt for bold colours or monochrome black and white hues, these familiar shapes can be worked with to get you an easy A+ in fashion department.

What’s more girlies – There are numerous fun ways of adorning those squares, triangles and angles in your clothing and accessories for that edgy style statement.

Block it with colour block – Want to look effortlessly cute? Just pick up a colour block dress with detailing of an angular line or box in two tone shades. Now that is simple isn’t it?

Go down south – Love street fashion? Paint your legs in candy or neon colored pants or leggings with geometric twist. Triangles work the best for your walking limbs. Pair these with cropped top, blazer, booties or oxfords to give you a vintage glam doll feel. Try it to believe it!

Wrap it up – How can we forget the humble scarves? They add dainty charm to your overall look like no other accessory. Geometry had never found so much comfort as by working itself on a scarf. When it comes to selecting those chiffon or silk scarves go for big in your face prints or tiny delicate geometric ones to suit your personal style. Tie them neatly with your crisp white shirt for easy office wear or with a solid coloured jacket to face the dropping temperatures in style. 

Dress it up Baby – Aren’t you bored of your little black dresses? Give them a rest. Give geometry a chance to grab eyeballs at that easy breezy brunch with friends or for a polished event in the evening. These prints work well whether they adorn the bust area or sit pretty on the hemline of your dress. Team the dress with sleek waist belt or a sequined hair band and enjoy all the attention coming your way!

Don’t forget your shoes – Why those pair of stilettos or trainers be left behind when it comes to experimenting with geometry. After all they can get you more admirers than any piece of clothing ever. Wearing them with a pair of washed out denim jeans or pastel leggings, brings out the whimsical and naughty side of you. Wink Wink!

Accessorize: Name of the game – Those wayfarers or hipster glasses look all the more cool if the frame has some geometry on it. Be it triangle danglers, diamond shaped ring, hypnotizing circles on bags or bangles, these fun shapes never fail. True.

Since geometric shapes are a world in their own right, just go easy on those accessories keeping them minimal. Solid coloured shoes and clutch in black, nude and red are safe bet.

Geometric prints work best on simple clothing like sweaters, tunics, tapered trousers and pencil skirts. Get some more inspiration from these celebs in the inset picture to make that style statement. Don’t forget to have fun. Who said geometry was boring? 🙂


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