Changing trends in Blouses


The olden times are being statement with the style of the blouses where the packed blouses were worn with the saris. The traditional blouses and saris were packed from all the sides and were known as the box blouses as they were closed from all the sides. During those days, it was believed that showing off your skin is more of a sin then a fashion trends. Even the sleeveless blouses were not accepted that easily. The women were looked down if they were wearing some of the exposing blouses.

With the changing times, women started to stand for themselves and that they liked wearing sleeveless blouses. And accordingly they even stood for themselves and wore what they liked and what they preferred. It becomes weird at times to be wearing such blouses in front of the elders as they had not seen it very openly and that they did not accept it very freely.

Then came the times when women started wearing backless as well as patterned blouses. The young girls were almost wearing the backless blouses, patterned backs of the blouses, having strings and the ties and somewhat in the similar pattern. They liked showing their back off and that the length of the blouse also did decrease. Working for a slimmer stomach and then showing it off while wearing short blouses is how the girls wanted to grab attention.


With the backless blouses and the various patterns, the materials of the blouses mattered now. The shimmer and the velvet blouses are the trendiest blouses of the times. Even blouses with the laces or the net are equally being popular. The velvet blouses with high necks and laces are preferred, whereas on the other hand, shimmer blouses are plain or at time with laces, sequential blouses with plain saris, net blouses with quarter sleeves or full sleeves with laces are being preferred. Even that Vidya Balan being flaunting the cotton and silk based saris, plain blouses are equally popular.

And with the same time that is moving towards modernization and that girls and woman stand for their rights and desires. Women of today prefer to wear what she wants and with the same mindset, even they wear the blouses and clothes for that matter of their choice and desire. And when people stop her to do, she has appropriate answers for all of them. Be it the tube blouses, bikini ones, sleeveless, or the full sleeved ones, full neck or the low neck, back less or the packed back, none does she care about but only her choice. She buys what she thinks that will suit her and that will go with the occasion and the overall look as well.

Thousands of money is invested in simple blouses as of today. Designer blouses, designer laces, getting it stitched from a designer and that it should be exclusive is all that women want and flaunt about. She makes sure that all the eyes are glued upon her and that she be the diva of the evening.


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