Pleasure of online jewelry buying


Buying jewellery online!!! That too diamonds? Is not it risky? Are the products genuine, made up of quality gems and durable?

These are some of the question which bothers consumers when they opt to buy jewellery online. Online Jewellery shopping in India is still not very popular, although a majority of online shoppers are indulging into it day by day, but people are still hesitant.

The ecommerce industry in India is booming and there are sellers who are setting the trends apart, not only in terms of quality, styling and pricing but the major factor they are able to instill into the consumers and that is “faith” which is of utmost importance in online jewellery shopping.

Candere does not need any introduction, since its inception, they have set the trends and bring out the trust factor to consumers in online jewellery buying.

Candere is a one stop online jewellery store bringing certified products to consumers. All the products are 100% authentic and come certified by renowned laboratories. Apart from competitive pricing advantage you will get a wide variety of designs with low to high price range.

How does it become a preferred online jewellery store for consumers?

A beautifully designed website with consumers in mind makes it easy for a visitor to easily reach a surf product of their choice. Every jewellery is made to order which means they are made for you, with the luxury to select diamond quality of your choice; you have a control on the budget and your choice.

The prices are very low because there is no showroom or middleman cost, it reaches you directly or call it factory made.

Also they provide a lifetime exchange and a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee policy which means you have options to exchange your old jewellery with new ones at a later date and get some new ones with minimum loss.

gold jewellary

Every piece of jewellery from Candere comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which is independently certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), HKD (HKD Diamond Laboratories – Canada) or EGL (European Gemologist Laboratories) who are the world’s top diamond grading laboratories.

There are multiple payment options available on the website, consumers can pay through their credit and debit card, net banking or they have an option of cash on delivery too. There is also an EMI facility which you can opt for.

The online store also features multiple deals and discounts gemstone and jewellery items and something for the consumers to fall in love of. There is a 25% off offer going on right now. 🙂

The best thing you get is a 24×7 days consumer service to sort out any issues or grievances you have with a mail or online chat facility. This shows the commitment from the store for their buyers and their thirst for consumer satisfaction.

With this large variety, authentic and legitimate pricing and quality makes Candere stand out in the online jewellery space. Beyond the ease of buying and pricing advantage what consumers like is the fact that “Products comes with Insured free shipping, Jewellery Certifications and Lifetime exchange” and “The USP of the product is its bespoke international designs and it is also available on EMI“.


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