Bright Benefit Stick cream from Maybelline: a dream come true


Every woman’s dream is to spend as little time as possible applying makeup and still look beautiful and amazing. There are those moments when despite how much make up you put on, you still don’t feel like you are pretty enough due to the spots and the dark patches on your face.  Well I have good news for you; BB Clear Stick from Maybelline is your dream come true!

Bright Benefit Stick cream from Maybelline

Bright Benefit Stick cream from Maybelline

When I first heard of it I could hardly believe my ears so I had to see it for myself. Its packaging is very incredible not to mention its cool attractive color. It’s packed in a cylindrical container which has a clear top cover that allows you to see the shade of the cream. It didn’t take me long just to identify the perfect shade for my complexion.

It got more interesting when I discovered that its name was a true reflection of the product’s design. To apply the cream all you have to do is roll it up like a lipstick and apply on your face just like a lipstick. It’s just so easy to handle and use unlike most BB creams.

To add to its amazing packaging and look, the BB clear stick cream by Maybelline has a great number of advantages that are going to make you purchase one immediately after reading this. By using the cream you will be guaranteed 12 hours of a shine free face. This is due to its unique mineral clay formula. It makes your face appear like you are wearing face powder even though in reality all you wearing is the BB cream.

If you looking for a way to hide all the blemishes on your face then the BB clear stick from Maybelline will work miracles for you. Just by applying it on your face your skin will appear flawless. It covers up all sorts of imperfections, wrinkles, dark spots and redness and even pores. The end result is a flawless radiant skin tone. It gives your skin a soft and non sticky feel that allows you to apply a second layer if you feel the need for it. Finally by using the BB clear stick cream from Maybelline you can be sure that your skin is safe from being damaged by sun rays. This means that the cream also plays the role of a sun screen cream as well. The cream is so light that you will hardly feel or see it, giving you a natural look that makes you confident throughout.

I personally believe that it works very well in tropics and during summers since despite the humid and hot weather, the cream still makes your face shine free and protects you from harsh sun rays that can damage your skin.

To add to all the other advantages that the BB clear stick cream from Maybelline has, it is also economical and time saving! Just give it a try and am sure you will always be confident as you move around since you are sure you looking great at all times and weather!


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