Breakfast be heavy and dinner be light


It is said that the breakfast should be taken as you are a king and the dinner should be taken as if you are a beggar. The breakfast should be heavy for the very fact that the stomach is empty and haven’t had anything for almost 6-8 hours or more at times, depending on the last meal that you had, the sleep that you covered and the next breakfast that you have. In case of a disciplined lifestyle, minimum of 8 hours of difference is seen, which is much more than what it should be.


The way you have to eat also matters. The mornings have to fill up the stomach and keep you filthy for the whole of the day. And it is to be made sure that you have to have all kinds of the nutrients in a meal. The meal have to balanced, having the carbohydrates, vitamins, the proteins and everything have to be balanced. Bowls of fruits, milk or egg, something that has carbs, oats or cornflakes and makes it fully nourished with honey and makes the breakfast apt to make you full and healthy.

The next meal, lunch, has to be lighter than what you had for the breakfast. Make sure that you don’t just hog over the food and have as much as you can because that would disturb your body system. Countable number of rotis and a bowl of vegetable should be eaten for the lunch along with salad and a little of other pickles or that interests your taste buds. Always eat little lesser than full because that allows your stomach to be in a better position and that you don’t have to cry as to your stomach is full.


In between the lunch and dinner, make sure you have small meals. It could be a fruit bowl or a bunch of biscuits, a hot cup of tea and bread along with it, a bowl of cornflakes or something that they like in the evenings. A meal at regular intervals keeps the body going and gives in the energy to the body to move further with good mood.

For dinners, ensure that you have the lightest meal. It becomes difficult for the stomachs to digest the heavy meal as there is no activity after the dinner and during the sleep, the systems is tend to be lazy and slow at work. And therefore, it becomes difficult to digest the heavy meals, especially the cheese and bread. A bowl or soup or boiled vegetables could be the best option that one can have something which is very light for the stomach to digest could be consumed and give the relief to the system.

Ensuring that your body is balanced with the nutrients and minerals that it requires and it is not overburdened with the food throughout the day and rather be divided among the various meals. Keep the mantra of having breakfast as a king and dinner as a beggar.


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