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Boutique Mexico is a fashions merchandiser that creates a synergy between local designers on the one hand, and local indigenous communities of the Southern Mexico on the other hand to create a wide range of original and authentic contemporary clothing, gifts, accessories, jewelry, bags, curios, toys, among many more or less similar products that are sourced from Mexico. Our organization is based in Cancun, Mexico but nonetheless has several branches in the United States and Canada. The founder and proprietor is Ms. Jennifer Jones.

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Products Range

We deal in the sales and merchandise of a wide range of clothing-related products such as Bags (Burlap, Embroidered, Luxury, and Woven types); Jewelry (such as Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces); various accessories; Clothing (such as blouses, dresses, and Guayabears); Fragrances; Kids; Bedding and Bathing attire; Pet Clothing; Mexican Flavors; and Hammocks. The entire product catalog is accessible via the following link:

Services Range

The services we provide can be placed into three main categories namely: Sales, which entail the selling of various products to our customers throughout the world; Return, which entails the sending back of an item that was originally purchased from us for a refund; and Exchange, which entails the swapping of one item that was originally from us with another item. These intricate and essential transactions are governed by a comprehensive policy which is well documented in our site’s Return and Exchange Policy page that is accessible via the address:


Apart from the aforementioned products, the company does work alongside some of the leading textile designers to deliver the very best products to its clientele. These designers include: Dutzi, Coqui Coqui, Josa, Bewood, Jaguar Dorado, Casa Adelita, Kin Mayab, and indeed, more and more besides! A comprehensive listing of all the designers in stock can be accessible via the following link:

Customer Services

Our customer services are way above board. We stock only the best high quality products for our clientele. We operate on the “Fair Trade” principle which entails stocking the products of only those companies that commit to empower their artisans, provide adequate compensation and remunerations to their workers, respect the environment, offer incentives to their workers, and have a comprehensive corporate social responsibility. Every purchase from our company therefore implies the promotion of positive change and overall wellbeing.

Call for Action

Getting started is pretty easy. We do have a website whose portal is: Through the site, the prospective clients as well as the general public can get to know more about the organization especially as pertains such issues as our product portfolio, company history, contact details, and so on. Being a relatively small start-up company, the proprietor Ms. Jennifer Jones would be very delighted to handle the customer queries directly. For that reason, she can be reached any day any time via her personal cell phone contacts: +54 1998 147 3888. Alternatively, other official correspondences to the organization can be channeled via the following telephone contacts: 1 800 480 7197 (for US and Canadian residents); 1 800 400 8645 (for Mexican residents); and +52 998 883 1616 (for international residents).

What then are you waiting for? Give us a try today!


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