Dressing while Being Indian


How we swoon over actresses when they rock the screen with lovely cashmere and silk saris or set the trends with floor-length anarkalis or straight-fitted long kurtas. We have all loved Deepika in her Piku avatar adorning palazzos and trousers with long-straight kurtas. But it’s easier than we ever thought.

  • Choose bright colours: There is a whole lot of colours to choose from the spectrum yet you end up choosing the blacks, browns, dark blues or greens? Well, this is the problem with a lot of people. These colours catch our attention faster than the other colours of the spectrum. So when you go out shopping, don’t hurry up. Make sure if you carry the shopping bags back home, its worthy of all your time and money. Analyse the colours before trying out the clothes. Its quite possible that the other colours may suit you better than the dull, boring colours.


  • Choose different patterns: There are a lot of patterns available in the market. So try different patterns not just in prints, but in chikankari, patch-work, thread-work etc. stop playing a safe haven and invest in different designs and patterns to see the wonders not just for others, but for yourself as well.
  • Play with materials: We have access to innumerable types of materials like cotton, nylon, various types of silks like cotton silk, raw silk, silk etc. So why buy just the similar cloth type? Invest in different materials and revoke your looks.
  • Invest in accessories: Earrings, neck-pieces, bracelets, rings, belts, dupattas, stoles, shoes, girls have such a spectrum of materials to invest upon. Go for junk jewellery to funk up your style quotient, with varied degrees of your setting. For instance, make sure you do not end up looking like a drug-addict with a lot of junk jewellery at your work place. Invest in classic style with different designs and materials and see the new you.
  • Draped: Vidya Balan performed the character of Silk Smitha in the movie “The Dirty Picture”, where she was paid to let her sari pallu fall, revealing her cleavage. But in reality, even she wouldn’t agree to this “obscenity” and vulgarity as a part of her daily routine. Sari is one of the most elegant dresses that any woman can wear and it actually brings out a woman out of a girl. It is also an official dress code at many places. But, as much as its elegance, the attire completely goes haywire if not carried well and can also come to the terms of being vulgar. So, first of all, don’t forget the pins, otherwise the flowy attire will actually flow in all directions. Secondly, choose the material which suits your body type, like, girls with too slim frame can opt for silk or chiffon saris whereas they will make your frame look extra-large, if you already fall in the same category. Drape it differently. Play with the styles as well your imagination. Learn to drape it front pallu or straight one or go for a side pallu etc. last but not the least, be creative with the blouses to make your attire all the more graceful as well as sultry.

Enjoy how you dress and people will feel confidence in you!



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