Beauty comes from Happiness


[dropcap]A[/dropcap] happy face will always look beautiful. What if we all have the same faces’? The world would look boring. We need to love ourselves the way we look, the way we smile and the way we carry ourselves. We just need to embrace everything about ourselves. No one is born perfect in this world, everybody has certain flaws in it but a happy face reveals one’s beauty.

Every individual has something in it which is considered to be best. You need to show your best feature to highlight it For example, if you have nice hair, then flaunt it the way you like. A little modification in your best feature will draw attention of other people. And if anyone acknowledges or embraces your best feature, you will feel happy and that happiness on your face will automatically reveal your inner beauty. So do what you like, which makes you feel happy as your happiness will be shown in your beauty.

Beauty comes from HappinessOne of the celebrities “Dita” thinks that “Beauty comes from happiness”. The cover girl strongly believes that one can look beautiful if they are satisfied and comfortable with themselves. The celebrity added that, spending money on cosmetics is waste if you are not happy. The best secret to look beautiful is to be happy. “I was advised to do what I like, which makes me happy. I should be true to myself”, the dark colored hair star said “If money keeps me satisfy so as to look glamorous. I spend that too as it makes me happy.” She even that, “I do wear fancier footwear and can afford beautiful apparels now, but beauty comes from within.” In the end she added that “one should never compare themselves with others.”

But people do compare themselves. They envy people which make them feel worst about themselves. They should do something that will raise their level of confidence. They should indulge themselves in something which makes them happy. Do all the things which you want to try, for example, learning dance, going back to school, applying for another job, cooking, etc. Doing something in which you have real interest will help you realize your strength, your capability. You can make new friends, or can do anything that makes you feel satisfied and happy. As your beauty will enhance by your happiness. Smile a lot, spread happiness as giving a smile to others will give you so much happiness. It can improve your look.

There are few ways which will make you realize your worth, which you are, which will distinguish you from others. These are mentioned as follows:

Note all the complements which you have been given. May be someone have complimented you for your good assignment work or have said that you have a pretty smile, or you have nice looks. Reading all these compliments will make you feel comfortable, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness that Yes, you are good at something. It will increase your beauty as you will feel happy.

Don’t try to please everybody. The person whom you don’t like should not be pleased as you would not feel comfortable in saying any good words for them. Just stay true to who you are, think about your happiness, don’t let yourself sacrifice anything.

Spend your time with those who loves you, who accepts you the way you are Your friends and family accepts the way you are This will give a great feeling to be with the people who actually cares about you Your happiness will automatically come on your face when you will spend time with them.

Realize that you are a beautiful and happy person. Love yourself, do what you like, and do not think about the comfort of others by sacrificing your happiness. Don’t try to be a door mat for anyone. Do things that you know you can do well Try to enjoy your hobby. This will boost your confidence and will make you feel comfortable and happy.

You may use lots of make up or other things but if you don’t have a sense of satisfaction or contentment on your face you will not be able to look beautiful. It is important for everyone to realize their worth, it’s imperative to learn secrets which will embrace your beauty and your beauty lies in your happiness. Always remember, if you are happy you will look beautiful.


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