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Almost every person has their own unique tricks that they use in their normal day to day beauty routine. This trick is not always something pro and big, sometimes it is just a tiny little thing that may not sound much useful for you but it has been helping them in greater ways than you can realize. It might be something as small as pinning up your hair in such a way that it will make your face structure look more symmetric or it can be your own foundation routine that has been helping you in a getting a more even toned face than the regular. However, if you don’t have any tricks of your own, allow me to tell you about some beauty hacks which can help you in achieving better skin and hair. So, the next time your girl gang sees you, they will asking you to spill out your beauty secrets.


The very first and basic one is to increase the intake of water. Due to our rushed schedules, we tend to forget to drink the proper amount of water that is needed to keep our body and our skin healthy. This results in certain skin conditions like dark spots or acne breakouts. So, try to keep yourself hydrated and it will keep your skin clear and glowing.

Another simple way is to get your much needed beauty sleep. Trust me when I say that it is not just a phrase. A proper 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to keep your body, skin and hair healthy. It should be one of your priorities in fact. It will keep you more relaxed and stress free so that it does not starts to show on your skin.

With the incoming of summer, you might want to make wearing sunscreen an important part of your beauty regime. Not wearing sunscreen can lead to sunburn and excessive tanning which can affect the health of your skin. You might not be aware but the excessive exposure of heat and the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun in summers can lead to some severe health conditions, one of them being cancer.

You can also keep your skin naturally glowing and clear by eating. Does that not sound like a dream? Well, just take your fruits and veggies in proper amounts and you skin conditions will start getting better on their own. Start replacing the junk food with healthy snacks. There are tons of healthy recipes available online which can help in the cleansing of your body system and serve your taste buds too. So, get going!

The last ones are something I always talk about. Take your make up off properly without heading to bed or it can lead to acne breakouts or blocked pores of your skin. Try to make a simple night routine for your skin. Add a face wash, some moisturizer and an eye cream. Something as simple as that can give you great skin results in just a matter of few days.


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