Beauty emergencies and their quick fixes


No one is perfect and we do mistakes. Any mistake when we are in a hurry or in a panicking situation are one of beauty emergencies which are needed to be fixed at the same moment because doing it all over again from initial state will be one of not so good idea. Either going to a party, date or any other occasion, beauty emergency occurs. Bad hair day, clumpy eyelashes, broken nail or you lipstick doesn’t show up properly, all have got these quick fixes which will make you perfect even when the mistakes happen. They’ll never let you get late in any case, and will take less time than the initial procedures being carried out.


For pigmented lips

For pigmented lips, the lipstick often don’t give it’s proper colour the exact colour. Simple trick is to apply concealer on the lips and then on the top applying the lipstick. Concealer will hide the pigments and will give a base colour to the lipstick to give the exact colour.

For the bad hair days

For a bad hair day, pick the crown hairs and back comb them. After back combing them, secure them up forming the puff in the crown area by bobby pins. After this tie them up in high ponytail to make them look elegant for the occasion.

For you smelly underarms

Running out of your deo is one the nightmares. Smelly underarms are the one which lowers down one’s self confidence and smells irritating too. So, simply rub a thin slice of lemon on your under arms, this will kill all the bacteria and relieve you from odour of sweat.

No lipstick?

Ran out of lipstick? For a soft and sensual look dab that cream blushes on your lips and top it with glossy lip balm to make it look glossy and attractive. We can make it work in reverse too if we don’t have blush for the cheeks. Use a tiny dab of lipstick, as it is pigmenting and gradually increase the proportion of colour if required.


For your dry and chapped lips

For dry and chapped lips mix some sugar granules and honey to exfoliate your lips. Massage your lips gently for 5 minutes approximately. This will remove the flaky and dry skin and will make your lips soft and supple.

For the greasy skin

Greasy skin is a big no no to be carried in a party. Take a small spray bottle and fill rose water ans skin toner (if dry skin). Spray that on face and wipe gently with tissue paper. This will make your face look fresh and glowing. You can keep this bottle even while travelling.

Worst nightmare, broken nail!

If you have broken your nail, no need to cut that and make it look weird because of non-uniformity. Just file it up with the filer to give it a proper shape.

For the final touch ups

Use your ears buds to touch up the eye liner or smudged kajal by applying cleansing milk on ear buds and cleaning it through the required areas. This can be used to give finished look to your lipstick also. You can also use the thinner applied on ear buds and then cleaning the nail paint from the skin portions for that perfectly looking nail paint.

Hope these quick fixes will never let you suffer through those beauty emergencies.


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