‘Basic makeup nuske’


The world has moved so advanced so much so that an individual’s total look can be changed and be mistaken for someone else or as a better or beautiful another individual. The technology has made it so easier that one doesn’t even take the time to know where one has reached from where they were. The complete look of the person is being changed and that it is equally being appreciated by others. But whenever you do apply the makeup, you need to make sure of certain things and that it not is harming your skin.

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Make sure that whenever you buy the makeup, it is first tested, not only for your skin tone but also for your skin texture and the capacity of holding the makeup of your skin. The best make up gives you the best looks so never think of buying the cheaper ones and be happy with it. There are few things that you need to keep in mind while getting ready for any of the occasions or applying your regular makeup.

First thing is to make your skin clear by washing it thoroughly with a face wash and then wipe it off gently with the towel. Clear the skin and then start applying the foundation all over your face and the neck region. Spread it with the help of your hands such that it is evenly spread on all the parts of the face.  But make sure that you neither apply the foundation or the concealer over the eyelids as that would create the crease when applying the eye makeup.

The concealer is not only applied below the eyes but make sure you circulate in the figure of number 3 such that the eyebrows, the lower portions of the eyes and the little of the cheeks are also covered. This ensures the blending of the skin tone and lightening the overall shade.

While making the eyeliner, use a plastic spoon at the lower end of the eyes such that the end of the line is given a fine touch and that it is similar on both the sides. In case the plastic spoon is not available, the plastic tape can also be used, which prevents the liner to go out of the way and rather have a précised one.

For the lips, you can first exfoliate them properly by using a baby brush and rubbing it over the lips after applying the lip balm or the coconut oil. It would smoothen the texture and give a better look the lips when colored. After applying the lipstick, make sure that they are pressed down properly to give a finished look.

Last but not the least, make sure that once you are done with your makeup, you tend to give touch ups at every regular interval and that they are not being left unattended. The sweat or the water might also spoil the makeup and therefore the overall look might be spoilt. Make the best of it and carry it well.


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