Baggy issues


Handbags are awesome. Not only do they carry our essentials, they also pull together our look and easily upgrade our wardrobe. The right handbag can flatter your figure and complete a favourite outfit. You might end up carrying your handbag every day for months on end so it is essential that you choose one that is right for you! But, not every handbag is ideal for every woman. So, keep in mind the following factors while buying a hand bag:


  • STYLE AAND PURPOSE: The first thing you should consider is when and how you’ll use your next handbag. What will you carry in it? What outfits will you wear it with? How will you actually wear it? If you usually wear casual clothes, going for a very formal handbag is not a good idea! This can be tricky, so make sure you do a bit of research. Look in fashion magazines for models wearing similar style clothes to you, then make a note of the types of handbags that they have been dressed with. You may not like that particular handbag, but note the style, and think about whether you would like it in a different colour, a different material, or if it were slightly bigger or smaller. The main thing is to note the style, i.e. if it is a tote, a clutch, or a slouch shoulder bag.
  • BODY TYPE: In addition to your handbag’s purpose, you might want to choose a bag that flatters your body, much like you would choose any other fashion object. Don’t be tempted just to follow the fashion here, very small bags on very tall girls will get lost, and alternatively if you are on the short side, you will be swamped with a large or oversized bag! The length of a handbag – where the bottom hits the body – emphasizes that area. Short handbags make busts appear larger, so choose styles with longer straps to avert attention. Most women look good wearing handbags that hang to the mid-torso.
  • USAGE: What do you want this handbag for? Is it to be used every day for work and going out, does it need to carry books, a laptop or your gym kit? Perhaps you are looking for a small handbag for going out, which needs to match with a particular outfit. Either way, once you know what you will use your bag for, you will have an idea of what compartments and pockets you need it to have. As a final check when you find bag that you like, always find out what is inside. Is there a separate pocket for your phone and is there a secure area for your wallet or purse and keys? A handbag is a great and essential accessory but a particular handbag, no matter how nice it is, is no good if it fundamentally can’t be used to keep your stuff safe!
  • Check for useless pockets or too many compartments.
  • Straps- Go for broad and padded straps which aid in distributing weight of the bag all over rather than concentrating it at one point.
  • Check for the quality zippers and other hardware.


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