Applying Liquid Foundation: How to Achieve a Flawless Face


Foundation is exactly what its name implies: it’s the base upon which you build your look when applying makeup. Like the foundation of a house, it isn’t meant to be noticed; it should even out your skin’s tone while leaving it looking natural and unblemished. If your foundation is applied perfectly, it creates a beautiful backdrop for the features you want to pop – eyes, lips, and cheekbones. If it’s flawed, it draws attention away from those features and can leave your skin looking mottled and uneven. There are several ways to apply foundation, but which one is best?


The most basic application tool is the one you always have at hand – your fingertips. Pour a bit of your liquid makeup into a small dish or onto the back of your non-dominant hand. Use your fingers to dab it onto your face, smoothing it out in circular motions to blend. While this is an easy and convenient way to start your makeup routine, it has its disadvantages. Using your fingertips involves applying pressure to your skin, which can push the product down into your pores or leave unsightly streaks. It can also be difficult to blend your makeup in hard-to-reach spots, such as the area under your eyes or between your nose and upper lip.


Wedge Sponge

To apply your liquid makeup with a wedge sponge, blot the product directly onto the sponge from the bottle and smooth onto your skin, or use your fingers to dab dots of it on your face and then smooth with the sponge. These sponges have the advantage of allowing you to blend your foundation without applying pressure. Their wedged shape provides a thin edge that can easily work in challenging areas. They also help to minimize waste, as they don’t absorb the product. However, their edges can leave behind lines of makeup that can be difficult to fully blend.

Kabuki Brush

This method is less likely to leave streaks or splotches than your fingertips or a wedge sponge, provided that you choose a brush with soft, synthetic, dense bristles. Dot your foundation over your face and use the brush to blend in circular motions. While the brush, like the wedge sponge, eliminates the problem of applying pressure, it can be more time-consuming than other methods. If you want to be able to apply your makeup on the go, it can also be inconvenient to carry the brush around with you.

Beauty Blender

This egg-shaped makeup sponge is the best way to apply liquid foundation, and it’s the tool preferred by professional makeup artists. It’s most effective when used with a method called “stippling.” Wet the sponge completely, then squeeze it out. Dab your foundation onto the sponge and “bounce” it over your face, pressing gently as you go. Because the sponge gives with each press, it creates minimal force against your skin. This unique beauty tool combines some of the best features of the others mentioned while eliminating their disadvantages: it’s convenient to carry with you, its shape creates a point that can easily get into hard-to-reach areas, and its curved body won’t leave behind any lines to detract from your appearance or make it obvious that you’re wearing makeup. Like wedge sponges, it doesn’t absorb product, keeping waste to a minimum. When used correctly, this tool creates a flawless, natural, airbrushed look that’s great on its own or as a base for a more extensive makeup application.

There are several cosmetic supplies to choose to apply liquid foundation. All things considered, the Beauty Blender is the way to go.


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