All you need to do is Smell well


It is said that you are never fully dressed up unless you don’t wear the perfume. And it is rightly said so because every individual expects themselves as well as the others around them to be smelling good.  All of us expect that the one who is standing beside or that the one sitting beside is proper and he or she smells good, not the best but at least decent. If someone smells good, you get to have the positive vibes from them and you even intend to talk to that person and that interest is being evolved.

There are many people who would shower the perfume all over their body and smell like they have had the bath in the pool of the perfume and on the other side, people are there who don’t even take the efforts of buying a bottle of perfume or use it. Everyone should make a habit of smelling good as it gives a good rapport in front of the known as well as the unknown.

Woman smelling perfume on her wrist

Perfumes are basically of four types wherein their actual fragrance content differs and thereby the choices of the people do. And according to the content of the fragrance, the stability and the time period for how long the smell can stay changes. Eau de perfume, eau de toilette, perfume and the cologne are the basic types of the perfumes were in the perfume the maximum content of the fragrance has whereas the cologne has the least.

According to the researchers, in fact, any research was not even required in this case, it is said that women apply more of the perfume compared that to men and that they appreciate men applying the perfume, it attracts them. The more the strong the fragrance, the more the people are prone to be attracted.  And that they get a good feeling being with those people.

Even the flavor of the fragrance may let you know what kind of a person is, the personality and nature of that individual could be studied thereby. The lighter shades of the fragrances, more of the fruity or floral smell tends to say that the individual has a very light taste, nature seems to be very adjusting and that they are good at heart. On the other hand, people using strong fragrances, call themselves for the attention and that they are very vibrant in their personality.

Thereby, it states that one of us is all the time under the surveillance by the other as to how well we present ourselves to the public, be it a friend or a family member or any one of the acquaintance. So make sure, the next time you move out of your house, wear a good perfume that people will notice and that you are not being considered as the sweaty or the bad smelling individual. Make your personality be to the public through the perfume that you wear.


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