Add in more of Water!


Every one of us is just so lazy to get up from our places being it sofas or beds and just get ourselves a glass of water. We simply wait for someone to get and shower them with the request of getting you one and if someone really doesn’t, we would just and watch the show. Why would not drinking water really harm us? But it is proven that it does harm your body if you really don’t have the minimum amount of water in a day or so.

Our bodies are designed in such a way, that neither one nor the other can be missed or be over taken. The proportions are to be maintained and that the level of the same should be sufficient for the individual body types. An average person needs to drink two glasses of water five times a day or at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day on an average.

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

To highlight the few, there are many various benefits of drinking water and maintaining the fluid level of your body. The very first is about controlling the fluid level of the body wherein the approximate level of water in our body is 60% of overall weight. When this level is maintained, it becomes easier for the passage of nutrients, body temperature is being regulated and that even the digestion happens at a better pace.

Believe it or not but the water level in your bodies does help your calorie count to be under control and that it also allows you to be full and thereby you consume less of the food thereon. There is direct connection between the water consumption and the weight loss.

The other good thing that the water does to your body is that it gives you a better sin to simply flaunt of. The more of water lets the dirt be cleaned from your bodies and thereby giving you clearer and better skin. Thereby, the best way to get a glowing skin, make sure that you are having more of water on regular basis.

The next good thing that the kidneys are cleared better with more flow of water. The kidneys almost process 200 quarts of blood and when the more of water is being provided, enough fluids are present to clean away the waste from the bladder.

According to a study in London, it was found that there was found a direct relationship between the students bringing water bottles into the exam room and getting good grades. The water intake boosts the brains and lets you thin in better and clearer path and thereby giving away a good exam paper.

Apart from these major advantages of the intake of water, there are many other which could namely be said about the pain reliever, sickness fighter, pain prevention, hangover help, muscle fuel and that it allows the better flow of the systems inside the body. Ensure that you have more glasses of water every day from what you already are taking.


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