A stroll at Night


The world is going faster. It is running so fast that we humans cannot catch up with it. This leads to sadness, stress, depression and then may be laziness in us. It is indeed hard to recollect as to when we went for a brisk walk or a small stroll. Making a point to wake at least 20 minutes a day is advisable. Walking in the night has its own perks. Going for a night walk is another method to lose weight. The general idea is to eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a labourer and eat dinner like a beggar. However, Indians have their own opposite thesis to it. Our dinner is the heaviest of all the meals. Hence, night walk is indeed recommended for us. It helps in the process of digestion. It helps in burning more calories and losing weight quicker!


Lessens depression:

A night walk helps you to be calm. After a long day at work, strolling in the night keeps you relaxed. This is a way to keep all the negative vibes away and keeps you positive, happy and light at heart. This way your mind relaxes leaving you fresh, positive and joyous.

Helps to increase muscular strength:

Your muscles get a good shape. In turn your body looks more presentable. Such evening walks can make your muscles stronger. Hence your daily chores of work become easier to perform. Walking gives your muscles the required exercise.

Decrease in lower back ache:

After a long day at office in front of the computer, your back gets stiffer and your flexibility decreases. In turn this stiffness leads to pain. Night walk loosens the tight muscles of your back giving you relief.


Helps reduce hypertension and high blood pressure:

Walking in the evening loosens your muscles. This way you feel relaxed physically as well as s mentally. This way it reduces your high blood pressure and hyper tension

Better Resistance Power:

An evening walk exercises your entire body. It helps to keep each part of your body active. This way the immune system works smoothly. It becomes stronger and better. Hence, this way you’re walking leads to physical and mental wellness. This way your entire bag of bones is benefitted and helps you fight against all the odd health issues.

Helps With Digestion:

This is the most basic way to digest your heavy dinner. It is recommended to wait for at least 30 minutes before you start off with your walking regime.  Alter you are done with your walk; you will feel much better since all your food then is digested.

Sound Sleep:

This fast world has left us all stressed. One is unable to have a god sleep due to tension. Less sleep has a negative turnover effect on your body. A night walk relaxes your body entirely. This way you can sleep better at night since all your stress has reduced to no stress level

Easy at heart, easy at mind, less of problems and more of delight !


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