90’s Throwback Fashion: Is it worth the hype?


If you were born in the 1980’s and grew up in the 90’s, by this time today, you should be in your late 20’s to early 30’s. Stop bickering about numbers and computation now. Point is, you get and remember what the 90’s era felt like. This year, there had been a lot of 90’s flash back. In the not so distant past, 2011, 80’s colour blocking was really big; it hit me on the face. Extreme colour combinations that pop your eyes out looked really cool. However, those are now in the past and if you enjoyed them, we should patiently wait for their come back in the not so distant future, too. For now, we are basking in the 90’s sun. Remember the Doctor Martens boots you used to sport in the winter and rainy seasons? How about the cool birkenstocks that fit like a glove and made you feel like walking in the beach sand? Now, that we’re reminiscing, let’s recall the docksiders our dads wore to the seaside or even at the backyard barbecue party in the summer. These are so vivid in my memory now that I look back. I think, I it is for you too. Well, unless you didn’t grow up in that age.

Throwback Fashion

Don’t fret. Keep reading, we are both living in the year 2014 and the current state of fashion just spells the n-i-n-e-t-i-e-s. I just had to introduce the idea to fellas my age. It wouldn’t hurt to try a new fad anyway, especially if you are in the age of exploration. I remember myself sporting the dress and boots ensemble like Drew Barrymore. Fortunately, I would not think twice to wear that same ensemble at my age today. It would feel nostalgic and fashionable at the same time. Who would not want that? And the three main pairs of shoes I just recalled were the most comfortable shoes I ever had in my life. To this day, I myself own a pair of Doc Martens, Sperry Docksiders and Birkenstocks sandals. They have been a perfect staple for the freelancer that I am. Relieving my childhood as an adult do not feel idiotic at all, thanks to the current return of the 90’s in the fashion scene.

Another thing, couple shirts are overrated. Matching shoes are the new trend. Well, I just imposed that they are. Hey, think about it. A couple flashing matching docksiders is truly eye-catching and cool at the same time. It feels like they are on the same page and wavelength. The same goes for matching Birkenstocks and boot-wearers. There is less of a stigma for couple matching if the items are already cool in their own right.

How about other fun stuff in the 90’s? Are they worth it? Of course, they are, game boys, Nintendo, dark lipstick, cropped tops, sunflower/ daisy prints, smileys, high-waisted shorts, skirts, mum jeans? Name it. They have invaded the new arrival racks in your favourite stores. This is not to everyone’s favour but most of them are worth reliving. It would be rare to find Gameboys from the past in malls today; however, I think vintage stores have them instead. It is optional anyway to include this in your 90’s outfit but it’d be fun if you did. Cropped tops are the bomb if you have the rarest flat belly in the universe to bare. No worries if you don’t, we have the high-waisted things to save us the embarrassment. I do remember my aunt and uncles wearing the thick Levi’s jeans that never seemed to bend whether dry or wet. They looked so uncomfortable. We are lucky we have the softer pairs of jeans that looked just like them. Authentic vintage is worth a standing ovation but comfort is the key for those of us who constantly move around. Besides, that is one of the main perks we have today, comfort! The best thing about high-waisted things is they suck you up like nothing else! That big bulge or food baby is kept at bay after binge eating. Mum jeans are an example of an article of clothing and a shape shifter all in one. Sunflower/ daisy prints are hitting everything and anything in the racks, be it shirts, cropped tops, shorts, pants, headbands, bags, shoes, sandals and what not. Anything with this print is an instant recovery to the 90’s. These bring me back to that summer where everyone felt like it was in the 70’s. Instead of reminding me that flower power was indeed in the 70’s, the daisies always seemed to transport me to the 90’s. And of course, the make-up then was concentrated in the grunge section. The dark lip has long been introduced last year from Lorde’s signature make-up to Lana Del Ray’s and Khloe Kardashian’s awards night face. Like any other revisited trend, it has been modified to fit the modern times and hence we skip the heavy eyeliners to bury the grunge feel and embed the new sophisticated look instead. A natural golden brown subtle Smokey eye is the best tandem for the dark lip. The undertone of a dark lip has been of less concern for a variety of skin tones we have. And hence, it is quite a wearable uniform lip colour for most of us who can pull it off like it’s our natural everyday make-up. Be careful though wearing this colour in the day. Safest time to wear this should be in the night, either for dinner, after parties or lounging around would be perfect.

That was a quick rundown of the nineties moulded into the 2014 crowd. Little revisions on the style or wearing them as they are a personal choice anyway. Wear what fits you best.

Now, if you ask me if the 90’s is worth it or bullshit? I say it rocks. My opinion is biased as you may have concluded, but it is not flawed. Anyone can wear what s/he wants to anyway. Good luck finding your own sense of style. Keep it simple. Stay true and comfortable.


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