7 common mistakes in treating acne


Most people who suffer from acne try to find a solution for the problem. However some people do the wrong things with the intent to treat acne and end up making it worse or getting no positive results. Here are 7 most common mistakes committed when trying to treat acne.

Using acne treatment for a very short time

Acne might seem to have occurred in a very short period of time but what you need to know is that for it heal completely. Skin is generally known to respond slowly to treatment of any kind. Therefore it is best if you begin using a product for acne treatment the minimum time you should give it is a month and if there is any prove it is working then keep using it. Sometimes your skin experiences some irritation in the first weeks of application and your condition could appear to worsen, this does not mean you stop treatment since in some few occasions the condition can get worse before they get better.

Too many products at once

Most people are not patient enough to give a single product enough time to work on their skin. What you end up doing is applying different products in a short period of time and abandoning it in a few days time if they do not see a positive outcome. In some cases you end up mixing two separate products, this can cause severe irritation to your skin and make the situation worse.


Over cleansing/Over scrubbing

Most people have the belief that acne is as a result of dirt. As I said in an earlier article “causes of acne”, acne is not caused by dirt. Do not over cleanse and over scrub your face since this will only increase irritation. All you need to do is wash your face with lukewarm water and use a cleanser with balanced PH and one that is non-irritating.

Using wrong products

Skin that is prone to acne does not react well to products that harsh or alcohol based. If your skin suffers from acne then what you need is to use products that are indicated to be noncomedogenic.

Visiting the dermatologist when it’s too late

If you find that acne has started affecting your self esteem, is causing scars, are painful and treating it over the counter is not working then you need to see a dermatologist immediately! A dermatologist is known to have different tools that can help treat acne. They can prescribe drugs that are stronger both skin creams and oral pills if necessary. They can also advice on the use of new technology such as chemical peels and therapy by light and laser. Seeing a dermatologist is also good since they have the ability to identify the different types of acne and prescribe medication that best suits your case.

Wrong use of acne medication

It’s best to use medication as prescribed by the dermatologist. If you over use you are likely to make the condition worse instead of better. If you do not apply the medication as instructed then the chances are it will take longer for the treatment to work. There is also a tendency of applying medication only on the affected areas. This is known as under using or spotting. If you apply only on the pimple then you are not preventing another from appearing in the area around it. It’s therefore best if you apply on the entire face.

How you stop using the medication after it has worked

The best way to stop using the medication once acne has cleared is by gradually reducing the usage. If you were applying it twice a day then you can reduce to once a day and after some time, once in a few days, then twice a week and then you can finally stop. It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for acne to clear and that’s the same amount of time it takes to return.


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