7 Beauty Don’t s


Beauty routine can at times be tiring and we end up finding ourselves not sticking to the script every once in a while. It might not harm you to miss out on a routine once in a while, it is very wrong to make it a habit not to carry out your beauty responsibilities daily since it can lead to eye infections, skin irritations and even breakouts. There are seven most common beauty mistakes that most of us do and I am going to disclose them to you and even provide you with quick simple solutions to avoid them.

Beauty Mistakes

1. Sleeping with makeup on

Going to bed without cleaning out your make up is a very big mistake. The makeup blocks your pores which can cause your face to have acne, and if regularly done you end up having dull skin resulting from the piled makeup.

The best way for you to avoid falling asleep with makeup on your face, it’s advisable that you wash your face immediately when you get home or right before getting into bed. If that is too much you can use unscented baby wipes or makeup wipes to wipe your face before getting into bed.

  1. Using dirty brushes to wear makeup

your makeup brush needs special care and handling. It does not only come into contact with your skin but also several other places such as the inside of your makeup bag. Using a brush and not cleaning it can lead to a number of disadvantages such as: skin irritation, eyes itching and even making makeup application to be streaky and non flawless.

The best way to avoid having to use brushes that are unhygienic is by making sure you clean them at least once every week using shampoo and then laying them flat and letting them dry. By doing so you not only prevent your makeup brushes from being a place to harbor bacteria but also improve their lifespan and hence save money.

3. Over-tweezing your brows

In order for any lady to have a polished and well groomed look, they need to have well shaped eyebrows. Unfortunately most ladies think that plucking most of their eyebrows and just leaving a thin line is more appealing. However thin eyebrows give you an older look and your face might seem bigger. On the other hand thick brows give you a youthful look.

In order to have a perfect eyebrow shape and size you can have a specialist do it for you. However if you prefer doing it by yourself then avoid moving so close to the mirror as it can make you not to have a clear view on the amount of hair you have plucked. In order to achieve equal attention to both your right and left eyebrows you need to stand a few steps from the mirror and keep moving from the left brow to the right brow.

  1. Applying eyeliner inappropriately

The common mistake that most of us commit when applying eyeliner is to tightly pull the eyelids . Too much stretching of the eyebrows can cause damage to the delicate skin around your eyes.

The best way to wear eyeliner and not harm your eyes is by closing your eye, keeping it relaxed and slowly drawing even strokes across the eye lid. This is the best way to achieve an eye line that is looking natural.

  1. Touching your face

Did you know that touching your face constantly can be harmful to your face? Well believe it or not most women touch their faces without even knowing what it is they are doing. Touching your face makes you transfer oil and germs from your hands to your face which makes you block the pores on your skin and cause it to break.

The best way to avoid this is by wearing makeup. If you wear makeup then you end up being conscious of your looks and you will avoid touching yourself to avoid causing smudges.

  1. Squeezing out blemishes

Blemishes are every girl’s nightmare and it gets worse when they leave behind a permanent mark. The best way to avoid having scars or marks left behind by blemishes is if you do not squeeze them out.

If you want to get rid of them then the best solution is by visiting an esthetician whose job is to extract blackheads or whiteheads.

7. Using makeup that has over stayed

Makeup can be compared to good number household items since it also has an expiry date. The minute you break its seal and open it up then the makeup becomes vulnerable to bacterial contamination. This can lead to skin irritations and blemishes and for the eyes an eye infection is likely to happen. Most mascara has a shelf life of three to four months while lip products and foundations have a shelf life of almost a year or less. As for blushes and eye shadow they can stay for two years at most.

The best way to keep track of when you opened up every single makeup is by having a sticker placed at the bottom of every product with the date you opened it noted on it. It is also very important to remember that you should never share makeup since all you will be doing is increasing the chances of cross contamination.

What you need is to be just a little stricter in observing your beauty routine and the results will be a healthier beautiful you. So till next time keep rocking it!


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