6 Calcium Rich Foods for Vegetarians


Our body gets calcium from bones and food. If food fails to serve our body with rich calcium then the body takes it from the bones. Hence, over a period of time the bones become brittle. In order to have strong teeth and bones calcium is necessary. Blood pressure also gets regularized. It is a fact that vegetarians miss out on rich calcium-contained items such as meat, poultry and fish. Vegetarians have other better options too to consume calcium:


Dairy: The dairy products include milk, cheese and curd. They have abundance of calcium in them. These three indeed are good forms of calcium. All of these three can be either mixed with another or can be consumed alone. Cheese can be added in our sandwiches or also salad in that case.

Oranges: Oranges can be had any time of the day. They are another essential source of calcium. They have 60 mg of calcium. Oranges are extremely fruitful thy have a huge amount of Vitamin c and also Vitamin D. This chatpata fruit helps to protect the immunity system and protect the cells from free radicals.

Dates:  we all have grown up eating dates whenever possible. Dates is a good source of not only calcium but also iron and fibre.  A supper can comprise of a glass of milk and 4-5 dates followed by milk. This is a healthy combination. Each date contains 15mg of calcium.

Almonds:  A nut gives you 70-80 mg of calcium. Amend surely is one of them.  This increases the calcium in our body swiftly! Besides calcium, almond is full of proteins and Vitamin E. They are suggested to people with high cholesterol and heart related diseases. Almonds keep you full for a longer time and hence keeps the urge for you to hog more at bay.



White Beans: Any bean in while or off white colour is a white bean. These kinds of beans are even cooked and are delicious to eat along with a chapatti. They are loaded with a considerably good amount of calcium i.e. 100 mg. To get a dose of calcium, you may boil the beans and eat them in the bowl twice or thrice a week. These beans have detox White bean refers to any bean that is white or off-white in colour. Not only can half a cup of these beans give you as much as 100 mg of calcium, but they’re also extremely delicious to eat. They don’t increase the glucose in the blood and hence lesser chances of getting any diseases such as diabetes.

Figs:  Many people don’t eat figs. It is hard to believe that fig is extremely beneficial and nutritious for us. They have very high fibre content. They have abundance of calcium and iron. They also constitute of minerals, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, manganese and series of vitamins. 2 medium sized figs gives you 55 mg of calcium. Figs can be teamed up with breakfast cereals for consumption.

If gone in depth, vegetarians have wide options to obtain rich calcium!


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