5 Tips to Perfect Self-Tanning


Everybody wants to have an evenly turned skin; unfortunately it’s never that easy to achieve that. Self tanning is not a very easy task and most of the times we end up with splotchy elbows, orange palms etc. So I just found myself searching for better and easier tips from experts on how to have my skin having a natural look without using UV rays.

1. Prepare your skin.

Whatever product you decide to use, it’s important to first exfoliate. If you use the product on skin that is not smooth then you can be sure that streaking will take place. With clean skin the tanning mousses or lotion will easily be absorbed into the skin. Also make sure you moisturise your skin before tanning since dry skin will also cause streaks. Exfoliating also includes shaving and waxing. While shaving can be done minutes before tanning, waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to tanning since you need time to have the pores to relax.

2. Always Use a mitt

When applying the tanner using a mitt. Mitt helps you achieve an application that is even and also remember that you need to apply enough so that you can have your skin fully covered and do not miss a single spot. Using a mitt also helps you avoid having your hands turning orange in color.  It’s easier for people to tell that you self tanned when you have your hands orange. When applying tanning lotion, use circular motions that are small and do not harshly rub it in since you do not want to risk having a finish that is uneven.

3. Be lighter on the face.
Your face has the most exposure to sun rays every single day and that just means that it’s darker than the rest of your body. So, when tanning its best if you use a tanner that has a subtle color and one that also functions as a moisturizer. Also it’s advisable to use lighter formula on the face because you will want to apply makeup and SPF.

4. Work on the mistakes.
If after tanning if you still end up with streaks then you can use a bronze buffer or cushiony sponge with just some water to erase. Just brush the bronze buffer along the skin so that you can remove any colour that is unwanted. Another way for erasing is using cotton wool and nail polish remover and rubbing on the streak.

5. Make color last.
It’s obvious that self tanning does not last long because the top layer of your skin keeps shading off. If you want the tan to last a bit longer then you needs to at least make sure you moisturise your body daily and use gradual tanner. You can also exfoliate 3 days after self tanning so that you can ensure that your skin remains even throughout.


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