5 Tips for Recreating your Favourite Outfit


Fashion is everywhere: in the magazines, TV shows, internet, movies the list is endless. The interesting thing is that most of the times we see something we like and want to own but we don’t know how. Well today am going to share with you tips on how to make that trendy outfit by your favourite celebrity from your existing wardrobe.

1. Select a realistic goal

When selecting an outfit to recreate, you need to pick carefully. At least make sure that the outfit you select includes pieces that are already part of your wardrobe.

2. Break down the entire outfit to pieces

It is necessary for you to fully understand the reason why the outfit interested you in the first place. Take some time to look at the entire attire in a critical way from top to bottom. Then take the different pieces of the attire and put them apart and try to figure out what best suits what. At times a top could look like a mess when combined with a pair of jeans but when paired with a skirt it’s all looking wow!

3. Don’t purchase every piece of the outfit

It’s obvious that some of the pieces of the outfit may be missing from your wardrobe but that should not discourage you at all. I don’t mean that you have to go to the mall and buy the same exact piece as the one on the outfit. What you have to do is improvise from what you have in the wardrobe.

Once I was trying to recreate an outfit that had an animal print blouse and since I dint have such a blouse in my wardrobe I tried up a polka dot blouse and it blended so well, even better than the original outfit! So explore your options before going to the mall and you might discover a better combination, who knows?

4. Focus on shapes or color of the attire.

Just in case you cannot copy every detail of an outfit then what you need to focus on is the color and shapes on the attire since they are so vital to creating a look that’s cohesive. For example if you want to recreate an outfit with a sleeveless red blouse and you do not have an exact one then you can just try another red blouse in your wardrobe, whether with sleeves or not and see how it looks.  You also need to try and accessories as in the attire and you might be surprised at how well it will come out.

5. It doesn’t have to be a photocopy of the original.

Do not be discouraged when the outfit you try to recreate ends up looking totally different from the original. At times the difference may be just what you need for you to have a unique look that’s just for you.


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