5 makeup tips that make you appear less weary


Have you ever had friends or colleagues meet you in the morning and the first thing they say is, “you look tired!”? Well they could just be telling you the truth and not hating on you. Sometimes getting enough sleep and wearing more make up will not solve the problem. That’s why people have settled for other options such as dipping their face in a sink full of ice since it makes their skin appear refreshed. However the feel of cold ice early in the morning on your face is not a thrill that is why I ventured into discovering other ways of making you avoid looking tired.

Well after a lot of researching I found out that the problem is that most of us just wear our make up wrong. Wrong make up just makes you have a complexion that does not look fresh. I am now going to share a few tips on how to avoid making common mistakes in wearing make up that makes you look tired and worn out.

Wrong Concealer

The common mistake most people do is applying lots of concealer bellow the eyes and to make it worse the concealer could have a shade that does not perfectly suit your skin complexion. This just results into having your eyes looking tired and dry.

The best way to avoid this is by using day or night cream that moisturises the area around your skin. Also try and get a concealer that matches your skin complexion so that you do not have to apply several layers that just gives you a cakey look.

Wrong Eye liner and eye shadow

Applying pink or red shades of eye liner or eye shadow on you when you are already tired will only make you look even more tired. What you need to do is to try eye liner that is black or even dark brown. However if you want to be colourful then blue/green shades are the best.

Heavy Smoky Eyes

Wearing dark eye shadow and in plenty does not make you better. Instead it makes your eyes look tinny and tired. Instead you can try metallic cream eye shadow. If you want to look bold then you will find gold or bronze quit charming.

Plain Face

Not wearing any make up at all does not make you better. Instead try applying some little make up that will have your cheeks defined and your face structure fully defined.

makeup tipsLooking too pale

When applying make up do not use face powder that makes you skin look pale. What you need to do is get face powder that has a little tint. That way your skin will have a skin tone that is more alive and colourful.

Finally if after trying all that you still find yourself looking tired you can try putting more attention to the type of eye makeup you wear. Try wearing individual lashes especially to the outer corner of the eyes so that you can have your eyes appearing wider than normal. You can also fill up the upper line of lashes and apply some mascara always does the trick. Now you have all the tricks so you can say bye bye to tired looks, instead now you will look awake and refreshed all day long.


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