5 cushions that do not spoil your hair


Nothing can be as embarrassing and depressing as is the time when you have to deal with spoilt and damaged hair. We often face the problems of dealing with damaged hair due a lot of known reasons like pollution, harsh chemicals, hormonal changes and other nutritional deficiencies. However, one reason which we never pay attention to is the pillows and the cushions that we use. Choosing a right pillow isn’t just important for a good night sleep but also to make sure that your hair do not get damaged while sleeping on the pillow. Once you figure out that your pillow or the cushion cover is a big reason behind your damaged hair, you just need to look for other cushion options. To help you in this process, this articles shortlists five perfect cushions that not just prevent your hair from getting damaged but also make sure that you sleep a peaceful sleep.

Satin pillow and cushions covers


Anything that is soft and smooth will be a perfect option to lie on. Keeping this point in mind, investing in satin cushions is a perfect choice. No matter how much you move while sleeping, the constant brushing of your hair on the satin cushion will not damage it in any way.

Silk cushions


Just like satin, silk is also one of those materials which have a soft texture. When you opt for the silk cushions, you make sure that your hair will not have to deal with the harshness while you sleep. Also, the silk is a natural fabric that lets your hair stay smooth and breathe without causing them any harm.

Cotton cushions


One of the most common and affordable types of cushions are the cotton cushions. Since these cushions are tending to flatten in a better way, your hair does not get tangled by constant exertion. Since these cushions are pocketing friendly, keep a variety of them as per your fashionable taste can be an easy task.

Feather cushions


Sleeping on a pillow that is filled with feathers and gives you the exact softness that you experience while touching the feathers is all you need to for a peaceful sleep and healthy hair. You not move much and thence your hair won’t get rubbed or broken while sleeping.

Foam cushions


For all those who find the cushions hard and feel a pain in the scalp while sleeping, the foam covers will be the perfect option. The kind of needed support that you get from a foam cushion is what you need for a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

With all these cushion options available, you can make a choice of choosing the one which your find perfect for your needs and the hair. Also since the price of all these types of cushions would vary, keep the cost factor in mind before taking a decision. Just keep in mind that it is for the prevention of the damage caused to hair which can only be avoided if you use the right hair.

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