5 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men


Gone are the days where society and certain professions restricted men from wearing their hair a little longer. This has given rise to many different hairstyles for both medium and long hair. However, there are a few medium length hairstyles that are trendy and just stand out.

1. The Pompadour

This is one of the hairstyles that scream bad boy and will attract lots of attention. To get the right look, make sure the hair is at least six inches long. Shorter hair at the sides will give a more attractive look when the hair is combed back. Comb back the hair maintaining a tall look. You can comb through the hair at different angles to obtain different looks, just make sure the hair at the sides is combed back or chopped off.

2. The quiff

This is a classic look that was worn in the early 50s and has seen several changes since then. The hair is cut off in different lengths with the top having the longest hair while the hair is progressively shorter towards the sides and back. The quiff can be combed back for a clean look or tousled for a more casual look. The good thing with the quiff is that it can be held up with gel or simply left to run wild. Some variations of the quiff let it fall to the front to create an attractive fringe.

3. The afro

This is also known as the free spirit and is specifically on one of the black men haircuts. Even though it has been fashionable for quite a few decades, the new wave for natural hairstyles has brought it back. To achieve the best results, simply wash hair and comb while still wet; avoid touching hair while once dry.

4. Layered

This is a great hairstyle for medium length or long hair that is elegant and distinguished. Some people might actually call it a Brad Pitt because he has been seen rocking it. To get this look right make sure that you visit a good stylist who will cut your hair in layers. This will leave a carefree looking hair that you can wear sleeked back or tousled. It is a suitable hairstyle that can be worked to a ponytail. It is also one of the suitable curly hairstyles for men that are easy enough to wear if you are blessed with hair full of curls.

5. Distinguished Affair

This is a slightly shorter version of the layered hairstyle. This hairstyle does not allow hair to grow long enough to touch the shoulders. The hair is long enough to be tucked behind the ears. It is best worn sleeked back to give that distinguished look. It is suitable for almost all types of hair.

However you chose to wear your medium length hair, make sure that it is well maintained. Medium length exposes most of your hair and it will show when you are taking good care of it or not. So to get the ideal look, make sure your hair is well taken care of and looks healthy.


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