5 Amazing Facial Treatments


The hectic pace of modern living makes it a rare thing to have the opportunity to unwind and to indulge oneself in an hour or two of blissful pampering. Such beauty treatments, once the domain of the rich and exclusively connected, are now available to all that can find the time and the have desire to relax. After recently treating myself to such luxury, I decided to find out what’s happening at the more exclusive end of the pampering scale.

So sit back and enjoy reading about what’s going on at the top of the beauty scale.

Facial Treatments

24-Carat Gold Facial by UMO

UMO has created this luxurious once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who don’t mind splurging on a facial treatment. The procedure is inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty routine, which allegedly included sleeping with a pure gold face mask on. This facial features a deep hydrating massage using gold sheets, whose soft texture helps detoxify the skin, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and promote blood circulation, therefore resulting in a glowing and nourished complexion.

Triple MicroO2 Dermabrasion by Bliss

Initially, cosmetologists at Bliss created this facial treatment having jet-lagged and frequent travellers in mind, as it is well known that air travel dehydrates the skin, making it look dull and lifeless. As its name suggests, this is primarily an oxygen therapy, so this heavy duty facial treatment will do wonders on anyone who is feeling exhausted and overworked, as it combines the best cleansing, exfoliating, soothing, and revitalizing ingredients, which are carefully worked on the client’s skin for over one and a half hours.

Japanese Mint Coconut Ritual by Jurlique

This Australian brand is renowned for bringing together the best organic ingredients in order to create outstanding cosmetic products. Jurlique’s products are used by expert therapists at the world’s top spas, and their Japanese mint oil ritual is one of the most sought-after high-end facial treatments. This is a deeply nourishing 90-minute treatment that encourages detoxifying and leaves the skin silky and glowing. This treatment is now available at the prestigious Sanderson Hotel in London.

Diamond Facial Therapy

As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friends, so it is not surprising that they are used in facial treatments at the world’s top spas. Diamond facial therapies consist of a deluxe exfoliating massage, where tiny diamond particles are used to promote skin cell renewal. The diamonds’ gritty texture removes dead skin cells, and when combined with a lifting massage, the results are a brighter complexion and a more even skin tone.

Calm & Soothe Facial by ESPA

ESPA is the award-winning spa located at the illustrious Gleneagles Hotel, in Scotland. Their signature Calm & Soothe treatment is the ultimate facial thanks to the expert use of rare natural ingredients, such as rose quartz crystals and exotic plant oils. This treatment counters the negative effects of exposure to pollution and harsh weather on the skin, leaving it radiant, refreshed, and thoroughly hydrated.

Precious metals, natural oils, and exotic plant extracts can work wonders on tired-looking skin, especially when applied by expert facial therapists. And although glowing skin is the result of taking a holistic approach to health and well being, a facial treatment is a good starting point for those who wish to improve the appearance of their skin and treat themselves to a lavish and luxuriant experience.


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