3 Main Vitamins That Boost Your Beauty


Vitamins are very important for you and your skin. They help improve your skin’s look and feel and help your hair growth and strength. Most of us tend to expect to see changes immediately when they start a dose of the vitamins but then for you to notice any change you will have to take the vitamins in great amounts. There are very many types of vitamins and each vitamin has its own significant importance to our bodies. However there are three main vitamins that are considered to have effect on your beauty and these include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.  These vitamins play a very big role on the health of our skin and hence it’s very necessary for you have them in your daily diet or as supplements. Below am going to discuss each vitamin separately and its beauty value.

3 main vitamins that boost your beauty

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very necessary for our skin. It is responsible for making your skin feel smooth and revitalized. It’s even more necessary for people who suffer from acne and it also plays a role in boosting your immune system. Taking the natural vitamin A pills is not bad but it will not have any significant change on your skin. However you can use synthetic derivative of the vitamin a good example being Accutane. According to specialists synthetic derivatives made from vitamin A are more likely to give your skin a dramatic change. 

Vitamin C
Collagen formation in your body greatly relies on vitamin C. However consumption of the vitamin has to be in very high amounts if you want to see positive results in a short period of time. It’s even best if you eat foods containing vitamin C, this is more likely to work faster than the supplements. Vitamin C is very soluble in water hence consuming it in form of a supplement will not bear much fruit since it will only end up in your urine.

Vitamin E
There is a theory that vitamin E is a good anti-inflammatory and also works as an antioxidant. This is only a theory since it has not yet been medically proven though some doctors treating patients with eczema have confirmed that it has caused dome positive response to the patients. Taking vitamin E supplements is not bad but you cannot expect drastic changes.

Unnecessary beauty supplements

There are supplements in the market that claim to increase human growth hormones. These supplements also promise that they will eliminate wrinkles and give you a younger look. Growth enhancing hormones are good for those having problems with pituitary glands but if you don’t then they are not necessary. Doctors say that these supplements have not proven to have any effect on the ageing process of the human body.

Always keep in mind that despite the fact that most of the supplements are harmless to our bodies, it’s best if you first visited a doctor and seek advice on whether it’s safe to consume them.


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