Summers are not just about heat waves and scorching sunlight! It is also the season of beaches and bright colours. It is the season for cool waves and long vacations. The one thing that makes these vacations perfect is swimsuits. All year long we, the women, wait for summer so that we can splurge on some sexy and fun swimsuit! These lovely pieces of clothes makes the seaside so much more stylish and fun. Swimsuits are the one thing that is never out of fashion and it is also that one thing that every woman, especially the ones who love travelling to the seaside, has.


Tucked away in the corner of her wardrobe just waiting for the sunny days to come! Many would think that swim wears are quite a frustrating bit of clothing because of the popular assumption that you need to have a perfectly toned model-like body to be able to wear them. That is so not true! In fact the best thing about swimwears are that they come in a variety of types, crafted for each body type. Know your body type and youll have no problem finding the perfect one for you. from having a curvaceous hourglass body type to a more toned athletic body type there are a multitude if varieties to chose from.  Lets find out more about them!  A perfect swimsuit requires two thing and that is the right coverage and the right enhancement. If you have a pear shape ody then its better to avoid a thick banded bottom and to go for a plunging neckline or a vibrant upper part which will take the attention away from the thicker bottom. For women with smaller bust it is best to go for a two piece bikini with patterned tops that makes your bust look more enhanced. On the other hand, the women who shy away from wearing swinsuits due to having heavy bust should try the ones with better upper body coverage which also provides proper support. Monotones or single color tops help taking too much attention away. For women with a curvaceous figure the best type are monokinis that hold that beautiful voluptuous frame in shape while for the athletic body type it is best to wear the two pieces with less coverage to flaunt their muscular, sporty structure. And for those of you out there who are lacking the confidence due to some recent weight gain, don’t you worry! There are many tummy tucker swimsuits available out there that will smoothly conceal the extra fat and make you look fabulous till you get back to shape again. However, while buying swimsuits a few things should be carefully taken into account. First is to avoid the mistake of buying uncomfortable style just because it is in fashion for it may not suit your body type. And also make sure that you buy the right size because these suits are made of materials that expand in water. Follow these helpful suggestions and make sure to get yourself the perfect swimsuit this summer. Don’t shy away from the fun you deserve, ladies!


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