10 easy steps to help prevent acne formation


Clean your Face

Whether you suffer from acne or not, washing your face twice in a day is a necessity. It will help you get rid of the dead skin, impurities and excess oil from your face. However, you do not need to wash it more than twice since it will end up being harmful. When cleaning your face all you need is warm water, a mild cleanser and a very soft piece of cloth or even your bear hands. Hot water, harsh soaps and exfoliating gloves or wash cloth will only damage your sensitive face skin. Remember to thoroughly rinse your face and then wipe using a clean face towel. Only use face towel once since towels that are already used contain dirt and can spread bacteria.


After cleaning your face use the right moisturisers that will help you reduce skin peeling and dryness since most products that are made for acne tend to dry the skin. When buying a moisturiser check the label for “non-comedogenic” , this means the product will not end up causing acne.

Attempt an acne over-the-counter product.

The advantage of these is that they do not require a prescription. Most of them contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that help dry your skin and fight bacteria. Since you cannot be so sure about your skin’s response to the product then you can start by applying small amounts and if the results are positive then you can increase the amount.

prevent acne formation

Wear Less Makeup

If you are experiencing a breakout then it’s best if you minimize on wearing makeup. If you have to then make sure that the product is labeled noncomedogenic (doesn’t cause acne) and that it is oil free.

Be keen on Hair Products that you use

Hair oils tend to get to the face so if you are having a break out then the best thing to do is to stop using oils, gels, pomades and fragrances. Where these products get to your face they end up blocking the pores to your skin. Make sure you wash your hair on regular basis and use gentle shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is long then style it away from your face.

Avoid touching your face

Some of us have developed a habit of frequently touching our faces. Try as much as you can to avoid this since it is a way of spreading bacteria to your face. If you have pimple do not pop them since it will only lead to scarring your face and causing infections.

Keep off the sun

The sun’s rays are not good for the skin. If you suffer from acne the sun will only make the swelling worse and red. Try and avoid spending so much time under the sun and if you have to wear protective gear like wide-brimmed hats since medication that is made for acne increases your skin’s sensitivity. It’s also good to apply sunscreen that has SPF30 and above 20 min before going out in the sun. Before purchasing a sunscreen make sure it is labeled “noncomedogenic”

Eat Healthy

Try and make your diet to have more vegetables, whole grains and fruits and less greasy foods. These help boost the health, look and feel of your skin.

Daily Exercise

It’s good and healthy to exercise your body on a daily basis. However when excising it’s good to be keen not to be overdressed or use equipments that have a chance of rubbing onto your skin and resulting in irritation. Every time you exercise make sure you shower immediately after.


Try and relax as much as you can. Although stress is not considered a direct cause of acne and pimples, there are studies that have suggested that it can make them sever.

These tips should work at preventing and controlling acne but if you have a severe case of acne then you need treatment. Lucky for you that’s what I’ll be talking about in the next article, so keep it locked!



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